blackbnz, Dec 11, 9:09pm
PS3 VS XBOX 360 HELP~ We are looking at purchasing an xbox or ps3 for xmas for the family!We cannot decide which one to get?Can we have your opinions and pros and cons to help us decide please!I know about the rrod on the xbox 360 but we figure with the warranty we will be covered.It is mostly for hubby and 9year old son.Hubby will go online to play his war games!Any help appreciated!As I am leaning towards the xbox and hubby keeps changing his mind!TIA

marina_may, Dec 11, 9:10pm
Ask in general and you may get more responses. I prefer PS3.

dudekrulz, Dec 11, 9:15pm
@ If he wants online, then XBOX 360 really. the PSN network just doesn't have the community atm. Also XBOX 360's going silly cheap atm.

lostdude, Dec 11, 9:30pm
Neither get a Wii.

wholesaler, Dec 11, 10:49pm
Wrong thread any ffs why does no one use common sence and google!!!!!

wholesaler, Dec 11, 10:49pm

hypertech, Dec 12, 8:49am
Ps3 or xbox Mate that would have to be a personal choice, the xbox and ps3 have heaps of games each, xbox maybe slightly more, the ps3 has more than enough power and is a newer machine , also has blue ray which is going to be around longer than hd dvd that the xbox has should last longer and be better, ps3 also has 1080p enabled, great for bigger lcd and bluray movies when they are cheaper, overall as a gaming machine , not really that much different some games play better than others on their respective machines, ps3 games can be brought overseas as well , this was good when the yankee dollar was high to our dollar, although your choice, i prefer the ps3 i feel it will be more usable longer than the xbox but hey your call, the ps3 has everything built in , good luck my moneys on the ps3 but up to you, got to wikipedia and check out both models, get a better feel for what you are getting also google xbox vs ps3 you will find good info, cheers

adakshindas, Dec 14, 12:24am
Xbox360 Go to recently ran a comparison on the 2 consoles and xbox360 came out the winner for better graphics performance. If you are going to play war games, etc. go for the xbox.

0800xford, Dec 14, 1:03am
there's a whole entire gaming 'section' here [<br /> ]

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