installing wireless adapter

Installing wireless adapter impossible task. programm won't install and makes my computer crash. Now that we have remove the programm completly , windows doesn't work propely nor the internet . Any idea what i can do? am using different computer right now.

geek_svce, Dec 13, 12:07 am

Have tried support line but no help there and the call centre is closed until Monday.

geek_svce, Dec 13, 12:11 am

It wont work coz its a full moon.:) Try kicking it thats what i would do

geek_nukhelenc, Dec 13, 12:23 am

Try system restore before wifi card and drivers were put in, thats what its supposed to be for.

geek_got2bin2win, Dec 13, 12:33 am

Can I say it? Can I say it? Hey svce!! over here.. What's the Make and Model of your Router? What OS (operating system) are you using? How are you connecting that PC to your router? What steps have you taken to install the software? Are you sure you have the correct software for your OS? Post 1 was sh^t. You need to give us more info. Help us to help you...repeat after us to help you, help us to help you....

geek_badcam, Dec 13, 7:19 am

That ain't software you clown Try a PCI card.FFS how about free NEW

geek_deodar, Dec 13, 12:43 pm

Do you feel like now you should have paid someone else to do it?

geek_pcgeek, Dec 13, 11:28 pm

Aren't you all friendly? anyway, restore system done . Thanks! Ended up exchanging berkin for Linksys and got better results. But different problems now. Have moved computer to the other end of the house while roter/modem stays here ( opposite end ) but looks like signal is unstable and too weak at times . When turned on for the first time it worked wonders but very weak signal since. Keeps disconnecting. Any advice regarding how to improve the situation without having to change what we have and leave the computer in its new location. Can't afford any more bits for the computer.

geek_svce, Dec 13, 11:33 pm

Try changing channel worked for me once neighbors all started going wireless.

geek_got2bin2win, Dec 14, 12:31 am

If its a dlink and you have vista or XP service pack 2 or 3 there is a conflict. I found this and had to change to belkin...

geek_michellew2k, Dec 14, 12:38 am

Oopps should have read above yknow wireless is overrated. Cable is faster and more reliable. Why have intermittant internet just for the sake of being woreless? Other things that interfere with wireless - concrete walls...cordless phones, alrms, microwaves even

geek_michellew2k, Dec 14, 12:42 am

If the case is between the antennas on the card and the router then it will barely work, turn the computer around so its not blocking the signal, or get a freestanding antenna. Just be aware that if the card is 802.11n then you will need to extend all 3 antennas to get it working properly.

geek_richms, Dec 14, 3:01 am

Pcgeek Would have loved to have had someone do the job for me , but really can't afford it. ( had looked into it, have spent all my money on this computer gear as it is, after saving for years). Besides were told it would all be straight forward by computer shop. Have moved modem / router to other room , which means only one computer on internet.Will do for summer but will have to think it again once school is back. May have to put cabling underneath the house, but not sure it is possible as very low floor.Nearly impossible to access under the house. Thanks for everyone's help.

geek_svce, Dec 14, 5:01 pm

Svce maybe look at trying a HomePlugs - "HomePlug uses the existing home A/C wiring to pass digital signals between Ethernet enabled devices allowing the flexibility to place a computer anywhere". My brother suggested I try them when I had the same problem as you - weak wireless signal, when I moved my PC, and it's worked.

geek_dragon500, Dec 14, 6:16 pm