what is a printer to usb port cable called?

olack, Dec 15, 9:50am
What is a printer to usb port cable called? ...the type that has the smaller plug to the printer. I want to see if I can convert those into USB to USB cables.

charles.j, Dec 15, 9:52am
usb Male a to male b?

flewy, Dec 15, 9:52am
A to b

flewy, Dec 15, 9:53am
Why not just get a male a to a of flick13

flick13, Dec 15, 10:07am
^^^^^^^ What he said???

olack, Dec 15, 10:13am
I meant to say convert the printer to usb into a usb male to a usb female...lop the printer plug off and put a USB female connector on the end...is that possible?

executor1, Dec 15, 11:07am
It is possible, but a pain in the a%^e.
Easier and cheaper to get one from the local $2 shop, or off here

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