Intel's Corei7 is available where?

deodar, Dec 17, 11:21am
Intel's Corei7 is available where? Perhaps better wait a month or so,its
only quad core now(on release);next
year there is a 8 core version to be
released,& cheaper dual-core version
for the budget builder.& the price
will be??

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 17, 11:36am great service too

deodar, Dec 17, 11:47am
Great thanks,it would be of course,free post. That solves my Xmas list-what to get the the guy who has everything? I'll
settle for a quad core i7 this year.
Linux begins to P me Off.Agressive

lostdude, Dec 17, 3:09pm
Love this bundle deal:

woogmo, Dec 17, 5:37pm
Holy fits been a few years since i thought that was a good deal for some computer bits

ruby2shoes, Dec 17, 10:03pm
Heard they are not to flash for gaming But compressing files, I've heard they are great.

executor1, Dec 17, 10:30pm
Looking on Pricespy Motherboard: $673, RAM: $720,
CPU: $1154.30, Total $2547.3
Just a bit cheaper.

lostdude, Dec 18, 2:29am
yeah just a bit cheaperif they actually HAVE them instockI prefer buying everything from one place than getting the run around from those bait & hook etailers.

executor1, Dec 18, 2:57am
I'm actually quite the same It makes warranty etc much easier

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