HDTV for laptops, plug in adaptors

ctnz, Dec 19, 3:53am
HDTV for laptops, plug in adaptors I am looking at a Asus MYC-U3100 My Cinema USB TV Tuner Card anyone purchased this type of product, what did you think about it?

hdmovies, Dec 19, 6:45am
How fast is your laptop? .

ctnz, Dec 20, 1:12am
I have the option of two I have a 1.6 Celeron Toshiba with 1 G ram (XP) and a eee701 that I am looking at upgrading to 1 G (Linux)

richms, Dec 20, 1:26am
Anything will record OK, but you need a supported graphics chipset to play HD, and the eee is definatly not got it.

ctnz, Dec 20, 1:27am
I am thinking more along The lines of Digital TV rather than true HD

richms, Dec 20, 1:28am
I have only seen one USB satillite reciever, and lets just say it was not very good and leave it at that ;) They need power as well since they have to power the LNB on the dish.

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