Testing my Proxy Server. Greetings from...

badcam, Dec 19, 7:36pm
Testing my Proxy Server. Greetings fromArgentina.

flewy, Dec 19, 7:37pm
What ya doing there?

badcam, Dec 19, 7:40pm
You beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for your help in getting my proxy server set up. Right now I'm stuck in Buenos Aires. I think it's around 5PM. My connecting flight has been delayed until midnight tonight.

flewy, Dec 19, 7:42pm
Now trademe know you will be banned mwaah ha ha ha ha ha

badcam, Dec 19, 7:43pm
And the most surprising thigg is that the Wifi her at the Airpor3 is FREE! I'm off to see the missus. She's in Rio. It's been a while since we've seen each other. I was getting worried that this wouldn't work. I, err, yoiks, forgot to set up Putty in this laptop & foxy proxy, so had to do it by memory. I did all my testing on another laptop. Doh!

rhys.m, Dec 19, 8:01pm
Putty and Firefox portable Setup on a USB key is a really good idea. Keep it all setup except on there and you can use it on any PC.

badcam, Dec 19, 8:08pm
Yes. I have portable FF on a stick.. I'll be trying that over here as well. For a moment there, I thought I'd been banned. The Hotspot went down. Please don't ban me TM. Lot's of other people use it from overseas. I just wanna chat. No trading.

badcam, Dec 19, 8:09pm
I suppose you guys could vote off this thread for me. Just in case :-)

kevin16, Dec 19, 8:23pm
Well done your 'technical experiment' appears to be working well,..

badcam, Dec 19, 8:31pm
Yes. First, it helps increase my PC skills, especially Linux. Secondly, I suffer from bad jet-lag when I come over here, and the TM community is a blessing, because surfing only is just plain boring.

sirfer, Dec 19, 8:34pm
Thats pretty cool badcam Hard to believe you're over the other-other side of the ditch! How's the weather...?

badcam, Dec 19, 8:40pm
It always seems hazy looking out the windows. The heat I supposed. I'm glad;to have found a very comfortable couch to rest on. Things have been going well so;far. Surfing for free and I was upgraded to business class from Auckland to here. Thank goodness for that. I slept like a baby. If only I could fly business every time.

badcam, Dec 19, 9:38pm
PuTTy keeps closing. I assume that it's the Hotspot dropping out, but does puTTy have a default time out? Could it be the server timing me out?

julieandcasper, Dec 19, 9:39pm
What are you doing in Buenos Aires? And what are you bringing me back?

0800xford, Dec 19, 9:43pm
chilli at time of year is nice.

0800xford, Dec 19, 9:43pm
chilli at *this* time of year is nice.

badcam, Dec 19, 9:53pm
14. For you J&C I have a very nice plastic knife. Courtesy of Aerolineas Agentinas and half a pot of strawberry jam. Right now, I'm trying to stay awake.

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