hi what is the access number...

Hi what is the access numberaccess address for thompsons wireless modem from telecom i use to use a d-link but that doesnt work so how would i access the modem. thanks in advance

geek_frogs61, Dec 20, 9:04 pm

geek_wakari06, Dec 20, 9:07 pm

Or maybe not didn't see the wireless bit in your post.

geek_wakari06, Dec 20, 9:09 pm

It should still be by default. If in doubt double click on the network icon in your taskbar, go to support, and see what it says under Default Gateway.

geek_puddleduck00, Dec 20, 9:14 pm

According to telecom web page you're righthttp://tinyurl.com/7x8kr2 more good stuff for the OP on there about setting one of these up.

geek_julieandcasper, Dec 20, 9:15 pm