Whats a good printer scanner to buy

james63, Dec 28, 11:57pm
Whats a good printer scanner to buy Needs to be compatible with an Apple imac. A machine that economical on ink. Needed for home use. Ive seen lots of sales on recently but was reluctant to purchase until I got some advice from the TM experts

deodar, Dec 29, 12:52am
A dual core With plenty of P.I.P.s

crab2, Dec 29, 1:41am
We've got an epson multifunction one not sure if it is compatible with a Mac tho you could ask at the shop your interested in buying from.

james63, Dec 29, 10:05am
Any other any other recommendations ?

bumper1, Dec 29, 7:33pm
Printer Brother DCP 150C around $99.00 you wont be dissapointed

bowla3, Dec 30, 4:14am
DCP Got a Bro.DCP-110C. Had 4 years. very good. Ink can be a bit dear but compatables are ok. Drcspy, told me to throw it away a couple of weeks back, the problem came right so will keep it a bit longer.

james63, Dec 30, 9:27am
Stops when dry Do these Bro printers fail to print when one of the colour cartridges run dry or will it continue to allow you to still print in black.

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