Acer Laptops

Acer Laptops Are they any good? I am thinking of getting one but have heard a few bad reviews.

geek_dnbaker, Dec 22, 4:14 pm

I personally think they are crap not known for longevity.

geek_brijo, Dec 22, 4:36 pm

So thisis not a good deal then?<br />p165c-aspire-as5735z-322g32mn-notebook-brother-dcp165c-printer/prod10340.html

geek_dnbaker, Dec 22, 4:41 pm

I paid $540 for mine...I've had it 6 months or so....not had any problems with it....Don't expect it to last forever...then again my $1400 one was a pain in the butt (NEC)

geek_soodanim, Dec 22, 4:42 pm link is way too long for TM and im too lazy to cut and paste and it's broken for linkification too.

geek_soodanim, Dec 22, 4:43 pm

multiple threads are annoying OP.

geek_0800xford, Dec 22, 4:44 pm

Acer laptops are the lowest of the low.

geek_gibler, Dec 22, 4:46 pm

540? where was that . thats the lowest price i have heard for acer laptop.

geek_brijo, Dec 22, 4:46 pm

Dick Smith....they gave it to me cheaper than the listed price because they didn't have any packaging...Vista Home

geek_soodanim, Dec 22, 5:02 pm

Can't remember the model it's on the other side of the room and I am being

geek_soodanim, Dec 22, 5:07 pm

I have had an acer for a few yrs now and appart from the battery been crap it is fine

geek_browsing, Dec 22, 5:19 pm

Ifind most of my income for laptop repairs come from ACERs so I'm not complaining lol.

geek_lostdude, Dec 22, 5:50 pm

Better value for your money than HP. I've been using Aspire 5012 for 4 years now without problems. Just as good than any other major brand.

geek_joopa, Dec 22, 6:01 pm

Travelmate Had one for five years and it was just OK. Since having it repaired, it has been rat-"droppings". Service peopl claim age, I am less sure.

geek_footplate1, Dec 22, 6:25 pm

Soif it's rat-"droppings" now, what was it BEFORE the repair?

geek_lostdude, Dec 22, 6:33 pm

Suspect the OP has gone possibly to ask the same question in General, which is what they did last time they asked questions about laptops. For those playing at home, first it was Apple laptops, then Apple modems, and now it's Acer. Now back to our scheduled programme ;)

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 22, 7:13 pm

Got to be better than my old Dell p4 now that was a big pain in the wallet.. Paid $3000 for it and didnt even last four years.. CD Drive had to be replaced.. the battery twice.. the power supply cord twice.. it overheated and last it clapped out and ate the bloody hard drive for smoko..!!! in the bin and bought a cheap as Acer.. If it lasts four years with a bit of tlc then all good and havent lost much money.. had it a year and all good and even the battery is still ok.. only other option would have been a Toshiba but it was another $400 !! so the scot in my stayed with the acer.. 3gig ram ..and it is all good for now.. see ya L

geek_apollo77, Dec 23, 1:56 pm

Acer Notebook I have had my Acer for 4 years and have had no problems with it at all unlike my other notebook computer. I would highly recommend the Acer Brand.

geek_elaine14, Dec 23, 3:27 pm

BEWARE If it has a cashback offer make sure you use registered post because they screwed me outta mine "we ddnt recieve it"

geek_quotejoss, Dec 24, 4:39 pm

Acer = %$#@# Works well for some & crap for others. Considering teh volume sold, they have a fairly well recorded failier rate.

geek_mrfxit, Dec 24, 4:42 pm

Oh & a reputation From the suppliers/manufactures of NOT wanting or knowing how to fix them or even refund.

geek_mrfxit, Dec 24, 4:43 pm

I got a Acer extensa from Dick Smiths 3 mths ago It was the only brand there that had WinXP on it, Good for work because my companies software doesn't work on vista.

geek_cessna3, Dec 24, 4:43 pm

Cash Back I got my 149.00 cash back on my Acer within 6wks - very happy with my lap top.

geek_joy22, Dec 24, 6:44 pm

Slowing down and the wireless card died off-shore at a hugely inconvenient time. Rebuilding from that was what killed the speed of the beast.

geek_footplate1, Dec 24, 8:25 pm

So what would be a good one to get for my daughter heading to Uni???

geek_stompy, Dec 29, 10:14 am

For brands I like toshiba and ASUS the models according to your budget and requirements

geek_brijo, Dec 29, 10:18 am

Stompy I think there are a couple decent sony vaio deals out there for a shade over 1k

geek_orkses_is_great, Dec 29, 7:01 pm