Need help with a restuarant printer.

mr_lovebug, Dec 28, 12:27pm
Need help with a restuarant printer. It is no ink (or whatever it users). I have been looking on line to see what I can find but can't see anything. The make is a "javelin" JP-8811 model. It users eftpos burn type paper. any ideas at all would be really great. I need this for today/tonight. Thanks for the help like always. Any thoughts are welcomed too. (yes I have rebooted it).

dunedin_ree, Dec 28, 12:35pm
Open it up and see what part falls out. I seem to recall these burning type ones have some kind of cartridge to replace - but the last one I saw was years and years ago, so that might not be right anymore. Still, if you can open it up and get a part # you'd be on the right track.

mr_lovebug, Dec 28, 12:39pm
It isonly 3 or 6 months old. We have only been open for 3 or 4 months. So it has not seen all that much work. But then again we have to replace the laser printer that we have in the back office. Drum is worn out. How much printing do you have to do kill a drum?

drcspy, Dec 28, 2:57pm
Errrrrr........."eftpos burn type paper" THERMAL should be readily available from most office supply stores.....

mr_lovebug, Dec 28, 3:01pm
Yes that is right. We have loads of paper but it is not printing anything. What would cause it from printing? How do we fix it? Or do I have to call my IT guys at the end of my shift? (yes now on shift).

lostdude, Dec 28, 4:07pm
Ifit works as normal (like it's printing) but there's no actual print on the docket, then there are 2 possibilities.

1. The Thermal head is faulty or
2. The spring behind it has dislodged or not providing enough force for the thermal head to contact the paper.

If paper is not feeding through at all, then maybe the platen is not properly aligned or broken.

0800xford, Dec 28, 4:15pm
is the roll the correct way around?

nzmu, Dec 28, 4:22pm
may have itthe thermal paper is one sided, if the roll is incorrectly loaded, it won't work.

mr_lovebug, Dec 28, 5:40pm
The paper is in the right way around & it is feeding out all okay. We are just not getting on the paper. Don't know where to find the print head. Otherwise I would have a look at the condtion of it.

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