Help! MP3 1GB wont work

ktw3, Dec 29, 7:18am
Help! MP3 1GB wont work Bought 2 for the kids for xmas - 1 works & other wont. Swapped non-working one today but that wont work either. Downloaded music from CD's using Media player onto both. Charged them up. Now one plays but cant get the other to work - does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

dunedin_ree, Dec 29, 7:20am
Take it back. Chances are, if you've treated both exactly the same, the non-working one is faulty. Exchange it.

ktw3, Dec 29, 7:21am
Thank you. Did that today and the replacement doesnt work either so wondering if its something to do with my computer?

dunedin_ree, Dec 29, 7:22am
Youre going to have to give more details then. brand/model, where did you buy it from, and exactly how are you filling it. It must be "alive" if you can put songs on it.

ktw3, Dec 29, 7:26am
Its jut a very basic MP3 multimedia player I bought from my local chemist cheap for the kids to use. Everyone now frustrated that one plays and one doesnt!! I did everything the same for both. The one that goes has lights that flash when its charging and the one that doesnt work doesnt flash at all - except when I loaded the music onto it. Does that help at all?

ammcats, Dec 29, 7:27am
What sort of music are your kids listing to on it? if its hippin n hoppin, it would explain why it keeps dying.

ktw3, Dec 29, 7:28am
When I downloaded music onto them I just went into media player where it recognised the USB drive then syncronised music. When MP3 is plugged in to computer it will play the songs through media player but when disconnected from computer and headphones plugged in - not a sound!!!

dunedin_ree, Dec 29, 7:28am
Nope without a make/model, it's impossible to google for help. Apart from reading the instruction manual and trying a different computer/USB port I can't suggest anything. Take it back and get a refund.

ktw3, Dec 29, 7:29am
HA HA ammcats No such luck - good old High School Musical 3 and Camp Rock with a bit of ABBA thrown in!

ktw3, Dec 29, 7:38am
Thanks anyway dunedin ree Just thought someone might know of something simple to fix it.

r.g.nixon, Dec 29, 7:52am
If the headphones are OK then its the headphone port that is faulty

gbbrot, Dec 29, 9:53pm
No.. "The one that goes has lights that flash when its charging and the one that doesnt work doesnt flash at all". Battery is not charging, runs of usb when downloading. Battery must be charged to use earphones when disconnected.

little_egypt, Dec 29, 10:01pm
Give it a decent charge? Leave it connected with the computer on overnight (or use the charger if it came with one) and see if that brings it to life. Otherwise I'd take it back. I got two really cheap 4G players off TM.. one of them died three weeks later and the trader replaced it with a new one, no argument.

little_egypt, Dec 29, 10:04pm
Oh, also both of mine have a 'switch' which disconnects the battery so they can't accidentally be turned on, but when they're plugged into USB it also stops them charging although they do power up and transfer files. Check yours, perhaps the 'faulty' one is just turned off?

vtecintegra, Dec 29, 10:30pm
I wouldn't rule out that both the original, the replacement and the replacement for the replacement are all faulty. Maybe the shop has a bad batch.

ktw3, Dec 30, 7:13pm
Thanks for all your comments everyone I think I will just take this dud back too and try another. Have given it a good charge and always use the safely remove hardware bizzo when removing USB from computer, hopefully its just a bad batch and the next one wil work!!

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