if you click a link to a shopping cart...duh...

If you click a link to a shopping cart...duh... ...and you get a warning about the websire certificate, TimeLife...unbelieveable...um, anyhow, um and you choose to continue and it takes you to a https webpage is that webpage most definitely secure?

geek_olack, Mar 29, 11:36 pm

Eh? if it's a warning about the cert being expired, then I guess it's still secured BUT the lazy webmaster hasn't paid for a new cert. If it's a cert mismatch, I wouldn't touch it would a 10-foot pole. Either way, I wouldn't buy anything.

geek_dunedin_ree, Mar 29, 11:53 pm

...if you were me you would buy something... I have wanted this for a while. Thankyou.

geek_olack, Mar 29, 11:57 pm

Last time I ignored an expired cert warning the unscrupulous w@nker abandoned his online shop and legged it to Australia (which I found out after a bit of digging) without delivering the goods. Left me $50 out of pocket - could've been much worse! So now I'm fussy :)

geek_dunedin_ree, Mar 30, 12:05 am

This is the nztimelife website...hmm ...website homepage to checkout. I thought that was very odd.

geek_olack, Mar 30, 12:05 pm

..... I would still buy as it is a legit site and its still encrypted.

geek_maccas77, Mar 30, 1:10 pm

...I can not afford it...thanks ...

geek_olack, Mar 30, 2:26 pm