Iphone 3G

Unlock is being release in about 3 hours. There's some indication that it'll work with latest baseband. Doesn't affect NZ phones as our 3Gs are all unlocked, but fyi. http://blog.iphone-dev.org/

geek_osymandias, Jan 1, 4:47 pm

Iphone 3G Could I buy one of these from the US and use it here? Also have they included MMS on them yet? Thanks in advance :)

geek_badboy12345, Dec 30, 4:10 pm

I believe you'd have to unlock it for use on NZ's network (with vodafone), and I *think* you still need to buy an "iPhone" data plan in order to use data. If the ones in the US are the same as the ones you buy in NZ, no, there's no MMS. Maybe wait till after the January Apple announcements.

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 30, 4:12 pm

OkThanks for that dunedin_ree!

geek_badboy12345, Dec 30, 4:13 pm

I dont think the AT&T ones would accept a GSM sim card...

geek_kingpin, Dec 30, 4:14 pm

And I'm pretty sure you dont need to sign up to the "iPhone" specific plans. You can get a mobile broadband plan for $80/month (6GB) I believe, and combine it with whatever voice plans you want.

geek_kingpin, Dec 30, 4:16 pm

Good point you have to have a data plan, either 200MB or 1GB. They're not known as "iPhone" plans anymore. And correct me if I'm wrong, but don't ALL 3G iPhones have GSM SIM card slots?

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 30, 4:20 pm

Right now you cannot connect it to the New Zealand network, a unlocking software should be out within the next few days though, As for plans, you can connect it to anything you like, i get 250mb data, 20min calling, 100 text, for $40 a month, which is fine for me, make the odd phone call, send a few text, and plenety of data to check emails and troll the web from work, Unless you are on the web 8 hours a day, its pretty hard to use up 250mb, http://www.iclarified.com for more info

geek_ammcats, Dec 30, 4:38 pm

keep in mind, nano iphones will prob be out soon dropping the price of the iphone unite more,

geek_ammcats, Dec 30, 4:39 pm

Lol at nano iphones you mean the cheap Chinese knock off nano iphones?

geek_stefanie5, Dec 30, 6:34 pm

No, yes their are cheap knock-offs out their of the supposed "Nano iPhone" but there are millions of cheap knock-offs of almost everything coming out of china.

geek_ammcats, Dec 30, 6:36 pm

As far as I know, the iPhone was released by AT&T in the USA, and they had a similar network to Telecom's CDMA network (not GSM). Also I don't think that you specifically require a 200MB or 1GB data plan as you say, but can get any of their mobile broadband plans

geek_kingpin, Dec 30, 7:00 pm

Telecom will have iPhones in June/Julywhich should push data prices right downwith a bit of healthy competition

geek_ammcats, Dec 30, 7:02 pm

Has this been announced by Telecom? I havent heard it

geek_kingpin, Dec 30, 7:07 pm

Yea it has, i thought this was common knowledge?

geek_ammcats, Dec 30, 7:14 pm

Can you direct me towards a telecom webpage, press release or similar.. Thanks

geek_kingpin, Dec 30, 7:17 pm

The vodafone website confuses the hell outta me. I have a corporate plan, which means I can only choose between 200MB and 1GB, but yep, there are other plans. Sorry for the misdirection.

geek_dunedin_ree, Dec 30, 7:18 pm

Sure Not going to dig to deep into it, http://www.stuff.co.nz/4449431a28.html "Telecom has hinted that its new $300 million mobile phone network may be the first in New Zealand to support Apple's iPhone" Clearly that was not the case as the network has taken longer than telecom planned,

geek_ammcats, Dec 30, 7:23 pm

Is it worth waiting till telecom bring out the iPhone on their network to drive down the price here or as soon as the unlocking software is released? It seems a whole lot cheaper in the US.

geek_badboy12345, Dec 30, 7:26 pm

I personally wouldn't import one, would just rather have the warranty to be honestWaiting on telecomWell they have pushed their release date back at least twice now, they may or may not do it again?

geek_ammcats, Dec 30, 7:31 pm

telecoms will have 850MHz so no dropping back to GSM all the time like people on vodafone have to sufferAnd there is no UMTS only option on the iPhone like most other phones so you cant stop it happening when there is a GSM network from the same provider.

geek_richms, Dec 30, 7:32 pm

Im pretty skeptical, that link is from March. There should be some kind of press release if it is true, as there was a lot of speculation

geek_kingpin, Dec 30, 7:32 pm

Richms With a jailbroken iphone (Jailbroken and unlocked are two diffrent things), from Cydia you can download software to stop that happening, I only had connection issues for the first few days when they were released, then a hotfix sorted all the issues

geek_ammcats, Dec 30, 7:34 pm

I shouldnt have to resort to jailbraking a device, possibly violating warrantys etc to have it work properly. N95 on UMTS only works fine here, mates iphone constantly falls back to GSM/GPRS when using it.

geek_richms, Dec 30, 8:47 pm

So actually I could buy a Iphone from the US and hack it to work on the vodafone network but it would void my warranty?

geek_badboy12345, Dec 30, 10:18 pm

Still not sure about that - you'll have to see if the US ones can accept a GSM sim which I am doubtful of. Also, I believe you will need to sign up for a plan from AT&T at time of purchase. You can try buying an unlocked one from eBay maybe

geek_kingpin, Dec 30, 10:19 pm

ALL iPhones use GSM as backup for 3G, so you will only be able to use the 3G telecom network WHEN they roll it out, until then, you have to use Vodafone. You will be able to unlock the phone after you jailbreak it, after 31st December EST, but, it'll have to have an early baseband preserved, if it's a new phone and has 2.2 firmware you'll be out of luck. You can use an iPhone with ANY vodafone plan, you only have to use an iPhone plan, if you got a subsidised handset from voda. Hope that clears up some of the mis-info posted before.

geek_osymandias, Dec 31, 4:25 am

P.S. kingpin, there are NO CDMA iPhones m'kayAT&T is GSM. No unlocked 3Gs on eBay, first unlock on 31st December (1st NZ time) - only 1st Gen 2G (GSM only- GPRS/EDGE).
Oh, and the iPhone nano does NOT exist. It's a rumour that did the rounds due to $99 iPhones sold by Kmart, with a $130/mnth plan. Maybe an announcement at mac world - extremely unlikely.

geek_osymandias, Dec 31, 4:30 am

& Everyone read the above two posts because this is the most on the money information in this thread.

geek_profink, Dec 31, 9:56 am