Favourite Free Webhosting....

jmpcwiz, Jan 4, 7:15am
Cheers FlewyWill look into it. The part about running of USB, meaning portable, got me :D My upload speed is so bad (128k) it just takes forever uploading files.

jmpcwiz, Dec 30, 11:43am
Favourite Free WebhostingNormally use www.sitesled.com but currently cannot access the site. Anyway, I need to temporally host a phpFusion site (to display it to a friend) so would be good if it had MySQL database or php. Post up your favourite free hosting sites :D

gazzanova69, Dec 30, 8:07pm

flewy, Dec 30, 8:18pm
For how long?

i have a server im not using.

jmpcwiz, Dec 31, 2:08am
Just a month or twolol any other favouritesI'll try googling later on but just wondering what people use.

flewy, Dec 31, 4:11am
Tried setting one from home UNIFORM SERVER http://www.uniformserver.com/

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