Printer ink

bronni13, Jan 1, 2:25am
Yikes! I'd never heard of that happening - I was more concerned about the quality of the ink and whether or not they did damage to the printer (in terms of leaving build ups of ink).

0800xford, Jan 1, 2:36am
is the printer under warranty?

nzmu, Jan 1, 3:56am
No the quality is not the samein most cases, IF your printer will accept non-brand ink, your print will look fine for a few months, but often after time that print will fade, black turns to brown. Not good if you are doing photos etc.

richard112, Jan 1, 4:10am
& I found that while it all worked ok when used regularly, if the printer wasn't used for a while, the substitute ink appeared to block. eventually threw out the printer. maybe they've improved since then.(about 2 yrs ago)

dave1025, Jan 1, 4:14am
Personally I would use non genuine ink Some ink jet printers are still around 500 odd bucks, and you can't get pens for them. Probably got about 6 dead machines out the back with just this problem. A cheap as chips inkjet, I would not care what went into it.

shinedog, Jan 1, 4:49am
I refill the black on our HP840c about 10 times, with great results, before I have to get a new one, not had much luck with colour refilling, just have to make sure the black ink is the right type for my model or the heads clog up.

hakatere1, Jan 1, 3:03pm
Canon Pixma ip4500 Real good printer. But tried out ciss (continuous ink supply system). Gave good results, but after a month or so, when weather got warmer, the pads in the black carts dried out and the ink flooded into the bottom of printer and got everywhere. Printer stopped working at all, even with original carts again. I was resigned to the fact that I would have to buy another printer the same and went to dse to get one and a guy there said to try electrical contact cleaner. Sprayed it everywhere inside printer and took out print head and sprayed it too, left it for a half hour and printer came right. I'll stick with original now.

art4ukiwi, Jan 1, 7:58pm
The only printer that I have found that seems to work just fine with refills is an HP and they do not seem to be ink guzzlers. Thats my opinion anyway.

bronni13, Dec 31, 6:09am
Printer ink Would love anyone's opinion on refilling printer cartridges - pros and cons - anything to watch out for etc. Thanks and Happy New Year!

0800xford, Dec 31, 6:22am
i had some epson c65 cartridges refilled once, the exploded like spastic octopuses, not recommended.

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