guess everyones gone to bed

Guess everyones gone to bed tis quiet...

geek_pcmaster, Jan 1, 12:17 am

Nope, haven't gone to bed since way back in 2007 was writing an email that took 1 hr; before that watched "The Dark Knight".

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 1, 12:37 am

Geez, I didnt know that the Dark Knight lasted 365 days! I think you mean way back in 08 than 07

geek_executor1, Jan 1, 12:39 am

..I got a 24 inch iMac for Xmas. I'm in bed with it now . The wife is sleeping on the computer table.

geek_deej5, Jan 1, 12:41 am

No not yet Not yet and thanks for your help last year with my computer problems. Mostly caused my myself too i'd just like to say.

geek_jim205, Jan 1, 12:42 am

Whoops, um, got my year wrong oh well, must be a sign of old age / alzheimers.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 1, 12:43 am

I'll still be writing '08' as the year on forms and things for another 2 months yet!! lol

geek_pcmaster, Jan 1, 1:18 am

you mean 366 days 2008 was a leap year

geek_pcmaster, Jan 1, 1:32 am

You mean 366 days and one second ;)

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 1, 1:33 am

Yeh, that this board is so quiet my brain dropped a second

geek_pcmaster, Jan 1, 1:39 am

Meh bed night all....oh and as per usual...Happy New Year!!

geek_mattie47, Jan 1, 1:45 am

Dunno why i'm still awake nothing to stay up for now

geek_pcmaster, Jan 1, 1:48 am

Watch techupdate on youtube,

geek_kevin16, Jan 1, 1:53 am

Ahah Did not get get off till' 2AM this morning. Quite tired! Happy new years ***

geek_pixma, Jan 1, 8:25 am

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