guess everyones gone to bed

pcmaster, Dec 31, 11:17am
Guess everyones gone to bed tis quiet...

r.g.nixon, Dec 31, 11:37am
Nope, haven't gone to bed since way back in 2007 was writing an email that took 1 hr; before that watched "The Dark Knight".

executor1, Dec 31, 11:39am
Geez, I didnt know that the Dark Knight lasted 365 days! I think you mean way back in 08 than 07

deej5, Dec 31, 11:41am
..I got a 24 inch iMac for Xmas. I'm in bed with it now . The wife is sleeping on the computer table.

jim205, Dec 31, 11:42am
No not yet Not yet and thanks for your help last year with my computer problems. Mostly caused my myself too i'd just like to say.

r.g.nixon, Dec 31, 11:43am
Whoops, um, got my year wrong oh well, must be a sign of old age / alzheimers.

pcmaster, Dec 31, 12:18pm
I'll still be writing '08' as the year on forms and things for another 2 months yet!! lol

pcmaster, Dec 31, 12:32pm
you mean 366 days 2008 was a leap year

dunedin_ree, Dec 31, 12:33pm
You mean 366 days and one second ;)

pcmaster, Dec 31, 12:39pm
Yeh, that this board is so quiet my brain dropped a second

mattie47, Dec 31, 12:45pm
Meh bed night all....oh and as per usual...Happy New Year!!

pcmaster, Dec 31, 12:48pm
Dunno why i'm still awake nothing to stay up for now

kevin16, Dec 31, 12:53pm
Watch techupdate on youtube,

pixma, Dec 31, 7:25pm
Ahah Did not get get off till' 2AM this morning. Quite tired! Happy new years ***

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