connecting pc to speakers via an amp..

ella42, Dec 31, 7:44pm
Connecting pc to speakers via an amp.. Can anyone tell me where we've gonr wrong here? We connected the music pc to two 100 watt speakers attached to a Pioneer amp (a 1980's model) yesterday and it was working ok with just one channel thru the amp (it's old lol!) until MOTH decided to fiddle with speaker wires at back of amp. The amp is still finbe, but the sound card on the pc, which is only six months old, is now no moreanyone got any ideas? Don't want to invest in another good sound card if this wil happen every time. And yes, we used the correct cable between amp and pc.

ella42, Dec 31, 7:45pm
We do however need to sort it as we are getting married in three weeks and the full 10 hours of party music list is on that pc - and we need to have better speakers than the current Logitech ones we are using.

fred68, Dec 31, 8:41pm
So are the logitech speakers still working, if you plug them back in..? What OS are you using and what music application. What output on the sound card are you using to the AMP.? and what AMP input are you using (model of AMP would help as well.)

ella42, Dec 31, 8:51pm
No, what happens is that a dialogue box comes up saying no sound device is detected on te pc (either in use or damaged etc). The OS is Windows XP and I am using Windows Media Player. The pc sound system was Creative Audiology C400, easily running the Logitech X530, so no chance of the amp input being higher than the output, as the Pioneer amp came out with max 80 watt speakers on a known lesser amp output than today's standard soundcards. This sound card was only put in recently to upgrade for the Logitech, as this is the pc we use solely for music.

ella42, Dec 31, 8:54pm
To reiterate that better the amp was only operating with one channel anyway and it was working reasonably welluntil the MOTH tutu'd with the wires at the flipup points on the back of the amp trying to get the other speaker to work - he's not sound savvy and did not realise there was only one channel operating on the amp.

deodar, Dec 31, 9:06pm
He probably swapped red & black (+&-)which is Not a disaster.Speakers handle that,
they just don't work.No amps or volts
returned to the computer,that doesn't
happen,or to the speakers.All of that
should be same as before.Impedance is
the only problem doing that,the Z
(impedance) on speakers has to be
higher than the amp runs through.If
lower both Amp & speakers BLOW.Also
that msg is typical of a blown sound
card-a new card should solve all.

fred68, Dec 31, 9:18pm
Sounds like the sound card has gone.. Sorry to say. When you upgraded did you remove the existing card..? or was it on bard and just disabled.? If onboard remove the new card and re-enable the onboard card from the BIOS.. Accessed at startup of machine. To test the card you could try it in another machine as it maybe just a corrupted driver on this machine

gbbrot, Dec 31, 9:20pm
Until.. the next time the input and output get swapped. No load on the amp makes them unstable, anyway.

ella42, Dec 31, 10:06pm
I've been fiddling thi morning and did a system restore, which has seen the pc recognise again the Creative sound card as being there and working - but there is no sound coming from the Logitech speakers, so am not sure whether there is a problem with the ports it is connected to. There are no hardware or software conflictsdunno. Has got me beat, so I guess I got no option but to bring in a techie.

ella42, Dec 31, 10:08pm
And no deodar he has always known which wires go into which space and as I said it wa working until he pulled the working speaker out of the back of the am and tried to connect the other one to see if it was a speaker problem - he did not know at that time that there wa only one channel

puddleduck00, Dec 31, 10:11pm
You're a spinner deodar haha, but you rock. If you reverse speaker wires, all you're doing is reversing the phase...therefore the speaker pushes instead of pulls, and pulls instead of still works. Happy new year btw..

ella42, Dec 31, 10:15pm
*scratches head* well, I have got it working againby taking the three speaker connections from their usual ones and putting them in another port I've got. Going fineso I now have to go back to the original problem, how to get good speakers attached via an appropriate amp. Anyone know how? Am I able to run good spekaer with plugs rather than wires through the subwoofer of the Logitech? Would that work?

deodar, Dec 31, 10:26pm
Glad we helped get that sorted then ella. All the Best for the Future.

ella42, Dec 31, 10:54pm
Not wuite done yet deodar, lol! Still need to know how to get the good sounds thru.

rz_zone, Dec 31, 11:45pm
Learned my lesson as a DJ for a cousins wedding backup by having CD copys. Some people cant resist other peoples stuff, got back 10mins later to check on my laptop. The playlist order, was all over the place.:O It took me ages to mix them bloody songs. Good luck for your wedding tho. :)

gbbrot, Jan 1, 2:01am
Output.. from the sound card is stereo. If you are using an old amp, you will need a splitter cable to connect to both inputs on the amp.

ella42, Jan 1, 3:13am
Hi again, the soundcard fell over again, so is definitely a problem and will get a new one put in. Beggar it, lol. Never mind. And yes we were using a splitter cable gbbrot. Best I can come up with now is to buy a new stereo and resign my much loved ancient Pioneer out to the garage and buy one with speakers that have plugs to go into Logitech subwoofer I think, until I can buy it an amplifier for its own use.

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