NAS question

NAS question good morning and happy new years.. I am looking at investing in a decent NAS device and would be keen to know what are some of the things i need to look out for. not sure i need raid just good quality at reasonable cost. have had a look around and now would be interested to hear others views. cheers

geek_litldevil, Jan 1, 8:41 am

What devices have you been looking at..? So we can give opinions..!! also what are you wanting your NAS to do i.e data types, Streaming media, auto machine backups etc etc..?? Raid should be a prerequisite in my opinion drives fail regularly and even a mirrored disk (Raid 1) will protect your data.

geek_fred68, Jan 1, 9:38 am

Hi Ya little devil really happy with this.

geek_pcfix4u, Jan 1, 9:38 am

Thanks for your replies i hadnt really been looking at mulitple drive boxes.. but maybe i should expand my search.. im mainly looking for data storage but like the ablility to access files remotely

geek_litldevil, Jan 1, 9:55 am

Get one that has atleast raid 1 (and Hot swappable). otherwise it's just an over priced external HD.

geek_swivel, Jan 1, 10:05 am

Thanks guys.. i will have a look at the more fuller spec'd models..

geek_litldevil, Jan 1, 10:36 am