still looking for one of these cables....

tammy30, Dec 31, 9:50pm
Still looking for one of these cablesif any1 can help....

tammy30, Dec 31, 9:52pm
It runs between a panasonic dvd player to the subwoofer.

flick13, Dec 31, 10:04pm
Hi TammyI'm pretty sure that is a Panasonic proprietory cable - which you'll have to get through Panasonic (as it is unique to them).

tammy30, Dec 31, 10:18pm
Yes thats correct but they are costly so im hoping to find one second hand *fingers crossed*.

mrfxit, Dec 31, 11:05pm
Presume it's a 16 pin (ish) rectanglier plug Shouldn't be to hard to find the compatible plugs & make up your own cable

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