no sound

No sound I have a dvd cam that is in mp4 format when i download movies iv taken to my laptop it dosn't have sound laptop is running vista its driving me nuts any ideas please

geek_paulay, Jan 1, 11:22 am

if you play other local files do they have sound? did you record the sound [mic tuned off] got your mixer settings muted? try this app [gspot] to check the file [ ]

geek_0800xford, Jan 1, 1:33 pm

Thanks for your answers yes others have sound and the files had sound when viewed thru cam

geek_paulay, Jan 2, 11:57 am

did you try that gspot tool? can you play other mp4, mov, aac etc files? [ ]

geek_0800xford, Jan 2, 1:24 pm