Please help; on Windows XP Outlook Express

craig1287, Dec 31, 11:28pm
Please help; on Windows XP Outlook Express some emails not coming through; how do I check my spam folder to see if they're there?

olack, Jan 1, 12:29am
I checked for the same thing yesterdaypretty sure there is no spam folder in OE. In your email settings make sure you tick the box to keep a copy of your emails on your ISP server. That's a good backup and your iSP will have a SPAM folder....I just gotta have have backup or my sieve....something....I am not that smart either....

missy_chester, Jan 1, 12:34am
How do you know they're not getting throughWith my outlook I have to TELL it which emails are junk mail, then, if more come in from the same site they're sent to junk mail instead of my inbox. Outlook doesn't work like some free servers such as Hotmail etc who sometimes send mail to the junk folder in error.
If you're not getting some (expected) emails maybe you're just not getting them at all?

pheonix, Jan 1, 12:40am
You will have to go to your Internet Providers Website and go into your email there. It is your ISP that filters the spam, not your email program on your computer. Although you can set some rules within that program but I doubt if you have done that.

pcfix4u, Jan 1, 3:11am
Outlook express can block mail and it sends it to the deleted items folder, to check outlook express is not blocking go to outlook express / tools / message rules / block senders list /if they are in there you can remove them from that blocked senders list. also as above log into your internet providers web page / email / log in and check the spam folder if they are there open and chose not spam. good luck for 09

olack, Jan 2, 12:12am
..thanks for the tip pcfix4u...and a happy but never too late new year to everyone...

pcfix4u, Jan 2, 1:50am
You are most welcome Olack all the best for 09.

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