Wireless card in PC won't connect

dantheman004, Jan 1, 4:49am
Wireless card in PC won't connect I recently got a new modem from telecom (2wire) and this new one won't connect to the internet wirelessly on my PC. My PC has a belkin wireless pci card in it, and it worked fine with the old modem, but now it just can't connect. Does anyone have any ideas? ta.

baker-assoc, Jan 1, 4:55am
Is your modem Broadcasting a SSID or better yet is the wireless turned on in it?

Just had to ask.

soodanim, Jan 1, 4:58am
New replacement or new different type...are you sure it's a wireless router....(modem?)

oscarnz, Jan 1, 5:01am
Do you have another computer that does work with it? Have you put your isp details into the modem/router (and saved them)?

kevin16, Jan 1, 5:03am

soodanim, Jan 1, 5:05am
And that too...but did you set it up, enable the wireless etc?

swivel, Jan 1, 5:34am
Have you setup the your user name etc, or just gone with the plug and play (doesn't need the user info) (Bills to the line it's connected). Real easy to setup. What have you set the wireless to ?? B or G or both

dantheman004, Jan 1, 6:09am
Yes I have got it working good on 2 other laptops I don't know why it isn't working on this pc.

swivel, Jan 1, 6:13am
Ahh So the 2wire is working (I use one here at home). OK well maybe un-install the card (and software) and re-install. Or maybe the belkin wireless needs Updating for this modem.

dantheman004, Jan 1, 7:22am
When i try to repair the connectionit hangs on 'renewing your ip address'. could this mean something?

richms, Jan 1, 1:11pm
That usually means the WPA key is incorrect.

dougstringer, Jan 1, 8:33pm
Sometimes, they are just not compatible. I installed a new laptop the other day, and it would not connect to the Dlink 802.11a wap.

kevin16, Jan 1, 8:46pm
Try disabling everything, so you have an 'open' network, then tighten things down until it doesn't work and back it off half-a-turn,.. mac address filtering is highly underestimated,..

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