help with laptop please :)

princesspossum, Jan 1, 5:19am
Help with laptop please :) partner has a compaq, purchased in April and is having serious problems with it. Crashes randomly, freezes and even when you remove the battery pack it doesnt turn off, refuses to install certain updates and the list goes on. Are we able to ring the HP help desk? Friend said to reinstall windows vista but it didnt come with the actual discs...just a code written on a piece of paper.

soodanim, Jan 1, 5:21am
Recovery Parition? on loading look for an F key to start it...The product key should also be on the bottom of the laptop and there shouldn't be any reason if it was purchased new why you shouldn't be able to contact them

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 1, 5:48am
F11 to run recovery. Just make sure you back up all your files/email/bookmarks etc before doing so.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 1, 5:49am
PSyou wont need the cd key to run the recovery.

princesspossum, Jan 1, 8:05am
Thanks guys will give your suggestions a go :)

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