External HDD Help!!

External HDD Help!! Hey guys. I bought a 750gb WD HDD a while ago and have since dropped it onto the carpet from about a foot in the air (it fell off a coffee table.) Now the computer still recognises it and i can access all my data, but when i try to copy it off the hdd it tells me it can't find the specified file halfway through the copying process. Is there any way i can get my data off it so i can chuck it onto disks? Any help would be greatly appreciated

geek_monkeyfulla2, Jan 1, 6:33 pm

I'd run a scan on the drive ASAP and try repair the errors.

geek_swivel, Jan 1, 6:35 pm

How do i do this? Sorry. Im a bit of a n00b to this sort of stuff

geek_monkeyfulla2, Jan 1, 6:36 pm

Well as you can see the drive Right Mouse click and select properties - tools - error checking and do a complete check

geek_swivel, Jan 1, 6:45 pm

Ok just tried that and it goes grey for a while and then says 'windows was unable to complete the disk check.

geek_monkeyfulla2, Jan 1, 6:47 pm

While we wait for more suggestionstry the scandisk with the computer started in "Safe Mode"

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 1, 6:53 pm

Ok i will try that Thank you. Will let you know how it turns out in a bit

geek_monkeyfulla2, Jan 1, 7:12 pm

The disk is stuffed, any furthur use possibly reduces the chance of getting the data off.

If the whole file wont come off, you can find apps that will try to read and get all the parts they can, but the file will probably not work for whatever it is that wants to open it because part of it is missing.

geek_richms, Jan 2, 2:15 am

A good program to use would be PTDD Partition table doctor 3.5, it may be able to fix errors in the disc. It does surface tests of the hdd, it can edit sectors fixboots & rebuilding MBR's.

geek_jovu55, Jan 2, 3:38 am