how do I Attach temp sensor wires

How do I Attach temp sensor wires that had come with my DSE ATX case??
there are 3 wires to be placed around Mainboard, CPU,Power supply ??, how can I attach the ends to high temp araes?.

geek_harrihorse, Jan 1, 6:23 pm

I had thought of using blue tack etc, but someone else may have a better idea, thanks for help.

geek_harrihorse, Jan 1, 6:24 pm

Blu-tac + heat = blue slurry.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jan 1, 6:28 pm

The ends of the wires have these flat soldered plate, I guess they may have to be wedged into these places somehow.

geek_harrihorse, Jan 1, 6:51 pm

I had though of soldering the ends to strips of tinfoil, and mounting the 3 foils at strategic points, gads,, have I anwsered my own question

geek_harrihorse, Jan 2, 6:06 pm

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