B...... Msoft

gbbrot, Jan 1, 5:49am
B..Msoft I have been using passwords on my computer. I also had a problem with start-ups when the system would hang during loading for about 2 minutes. Thats all gone now. I re-enabled windows updates and it downloaded about 5 updates. After these loaded, no more passwords and the problem with loading had gone.

gbbrot, Jan 1, 5:50am
Now you might think.. that was a good thing. But who the H..l are Microsoft to decide if I have passwords enabled or not!

swivel, Jan 1, 5:56am
Updates wouldn't have done that Something you did i'd say

gbbrot, Jan 1, 6:21am
Nope.. wasn't me.

partsman, Jan 1, 7:59am
Yep would've been you...:P PEBKAC. But so much simpler just to blame ms.

pcmaster, Jan 1, 8:00am
Agreed with above!!

partsman, Jan 1, 8:02am

pixma, Jan 1, 8:03am
alot of people like to blame MS for thing's as they are two stupid to know [or even admit] that they cannot work/know how, to work whatever it is. sad really.

sirfer, Jan 1, 8:24am
& yeah coz we all know the MS just makes the worlds best software, that never hangs, crashes on startup or changes peoples settings just because it feels like it, or the wind changed...

pixma, Jan 1, 8:28am
It's not MS fault you are too incapable to use their software.

pixma, Jan 1, 8:29am
and if any OS has issues, naturally it would be Windows as it is the major player, in the market. That is common sense!

cybertao, Jan 1, 8:41am
More like it's not the users fault they don't know how to stop MS using their computer.

swivel, Jan 1, 8:43am
Sirfer well if it's installed correctly, It's fine. with your statement of crashing etc, It has the User to blame.

pixma, Jan 1, 8:44am
most issues are PEBKAC, but *some* people would never admit to that. Say's it all really.

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