LOL! Fancy a old school 14" CRT monitor? $100!

papariccardo, Jan 1, 7:45am
LOL! Fancy a old school 14" CRT monitor? $100! 195012274

swivel, Jan 1, 7:48am
LOL thats a 17". so lol on you

pcmaster, Jan 1, 7:50am
is correct LOL

kane199, Jan 1, 8:50am
Where does it say 17"? &0; &0;

ctnz, Jan 1, 9:15am
If you google IBM E74 MONITOR It comes up as 17" also reading his other $ 1 auctions I would say he misplaced a decimal point for his start bid.

charles.j, Jan 1, 10:04am
Lol dead give away with the "74"

cybertao, Jan 1, 10:12am
I have one of these damn fine monitor, good clear picture.

kiwibeat, Jan 2, 3:16am
Still use a 21" CRT monitor does a great job but they take up lots of space and weigh heaps real hard to move

joyaadnan, Jan 2, 3:44am
Shame poster 1:) not so much fun being laughed at yourself now is it???

osymandias, Jan 2, 3:53am
Who cares if it's 17" ? 100$ is still too much to pay for something you have to pay to get carted away.

pcmaster, Jan 2, 3:55am
I still use a 17" CRT havent got the funds to buy an LCD yet,

thunderflash, Jan 2, 3:58am
Shame poster :) Please read the auction 1st before making comments about poster , Auction says 14" Monitor...

papariccardo, Jan 2, 4:23am
Thanks thunderflash But not everyone can read, perhaps poster 9 is a little challenged. They will get there, with patience ;)

papariccardo, Jan 2, 4:24am
I suspect ctnz is correct, tho I had that feeling right of the bat, as $100 is crazy dough for ANY used CRT.

joyaadnan, Jan 2, 6:32am
Awwwwwwwwww look at papariccardo and thunderflash ....,.sooooo cute together:)

papariccardo, Jan 2, 7:09am
You can photo the action anytime joyaadnan If you can eliminate the shakes. Sad little life, but I guess someone needs you.

richms, Jan 2, 9:18am
I still have 3 21" CRTs on my desk - costs too much to replace with good lcds, and the crap ones that most people get are just crap.

cybertao, Jan 2, 9:22am
I've got a monster of a 17" a guy from Germany brought it over when he moved to NZ. It ways a ton. Designed for CAD work, it is the best monitor I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Built in degaussing and settings to correct everything, even convergence. I've yet to see a digital screen it's peer in quality.

little_egypt, Jan 2, 9:26am
I've got a very nice 17" CRT on this computer Another fairly nice one in the lounge, and four more (one is a bit damaged) in the garage. It's nice to have spares.

ctnz, Jan 2, 9:38am
We bought a really nice computer desk Off TM and when I picked it up got given a 19" CRT a printer and a keyboard, bloody excellent Desk and the monitor was top quality too, its out in the Garage on the CCTV PC.

r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 10:27am
We are a 4 x CRT house (19"s & 21") anyone else want a big power bill? Maybe I'll have to look into S3(?) power/standby options.

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