Hardware to display Mega image/vid on many TVs

gooker85, Jan 1, 8:56am
Hardware to display Mega image/vid on many TVs i.e. have 16 TVs in 4 x 4 configuration.. and I want to use those as a matrix to display ONE BIG videoany hardware / software that can accomplish that?

0800xford, Jan 1, 9:09am
i have no idea but that sounds wicked! zoo tv =p

bit, Jan 1, 9:15am
Nope Because regular computers only have one or two graphics adapter slots in them. Some graphics cards have three outputs - VGA, DVI and composite or SVGA. I don't really know if you can use all three at once. It's not hard to get a motherboard with 4 PCI slots but PCI graphics cards are not common because they are not much good for gaming. If you did have 4 PCI graphics cards you might get 2 or three outputs per card. I don't know if windows would support that though.

valuevoucher, Jan 1, 9:40am
I'm not limiting this to a PC based solution. Can be some electronic hardware device thing that takes video input:-)

richms, Jan 1, 9:45am
What you want is a video wall controller. Not seen one come up used for cheap at all.

There was a DIY video wall where a guy had many PCs and streamed the video over a lan to them all which just cropped part of it for the display, but I cant find it now in a quick google, it was linux based and had a mountain of crappy old CRTs.

gooker85, Jan 1, 9:56am
Hmmsounds feasible to me. But I'm after a more turn key system.. i.e. plug monitor / TV into a "device" video output channelthen take component or composite video inputshopefully has the option for control of TV / monitor brightness / colour options onboard as well some how.. for colour matching across all monitors / TVs hooked up to produce a consistent image across all displays.

pc_nut, Jan 1, 10:02am
Its been done if you watch pimp my ride, i think its called multiplexing, pretty complex stuff i think,

richms, Jan 1, 1:02pm
Yeah, a videowall controller - they are big low-res things that work on composite video and cost the earth when a friend was pricing one up to put in the foyer of their business

bit, Jan 2, 12:54am
I guess you could do it with multiple PCs Each PC would have to have video capture capabilities and then span the output across as many outputs as the PC has. Say one PC has two graphics adapters
(either standard PCI, or PCIe SLI cards) and each adapter card has two outputs you could split an input into 4. So you'd need 4 computers doing this. So you'd be feeding your video into 4 computers and each computer would drive 4 screens.

bit, Jan 2, 12:59am
Re Now assuming you are feeding the original image into these four computers from a standard DVD player, for example, each computer would have to capture the entire image and then choose which quarter of the image to output. I'm not sure how that could be achieved.

bit, Jan 2, 1:04am
OrAs the DVD player you have a computer which itself has 2 graphics cards outputing 2 Svideo or composite video each, thus splitting the image into 4 quarters - top right, top left etc. Then each of the four computers I already mentioned takes one quarter of the picture and splits it into four again.

bit, Jan 2, 1:13am
So you'd have 5 computers: 10 graphics cards and 4 capture devices. Sounds expensive but you don't need big harddrives or fast processors. Obviously one unit that can do the whole job would be better, if you can find one.

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