Any Good Graphics Programs 4 Pics 2 Tatts?

Any Good Graphics Programs 4 Pics 2 Tatts? Wanting to get a picture of my old dog as a tattoo on me, wanting a good program that will outline or get a good tattoo looking picture , any help will be appreciated.

geek_kiwidanjr, Jan 1, 9:55 pm

Find a good pic of your dog And take it to see a couple of good tattoo artists, see what they've got in their books of completed work & get them to help build something they're capable of doing and that you like.

geek_wogadopolous, Jan 1, 10:23 pm

Well don't go to this guy !

geek_dino7, Jan 2, 4:29 pm

Oh god that poor person is stuck with that!!!! .

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 4:36 pm

ROTFL.Well thats a dog. I told someone they're Tat was spelt
wrong,well it was.LOL.Not a single
person had pointed out the truth.
Kiwidan I do Petraits(portraits of
focking pets)from photos,could do a
graphic for you a tat artist could
transfer since thats what they do,
transfers.Or you could get a photo
copied any size @ Stat Warehouse,some
places will even make transfers from
photos for screenprinting.

geek_deodar, Jan 2, 4:50 pm