CD/DVD Drive not functioning....HELP

brad6, Jan 1, 8:42am
CD/DVD Drive not functioning....HELP PC recognises that a CD/DVD is present but when a disc is in the drive it doesn't recognise that a disc is present. Is this a simple case of a dirty or faulty laser??

swivel, Jan 1, 8:44am
Could be But could be a Virus/malware, could be the disk, could be the age (But you don't give much info do you).

brad6, Jan 1, 8:46am
Oops, my initial post was a little confusingthe PC recognises a DVD Drive is present, but NOT any disc that is inserted in the drive

bit, Jan 1, 8:48am
I assume that you have been using the drive for months and it just stopped working. And I assume you have tried a few DVDs in it to make sure it's not just a dirty or scratched disk? Have you tried restarting the computer?

brad6, Jan 1, 8:52am
Yeah just all of a sudden stopped working tried dvd's, cd's and games and no good for anything. laptop (Asus Z99E Series) about 14 months old and drive not been working for past 2 months approx. i'd take it back to harvey norman to get it checked but now live in oz. i should check my international warranty but wondered if there was a simple fix as that's all quite a hassle!

bit, Jan 1, 9:09am
Have you got a bootable CD? (eg windows or Linux installation disk). Make sure the BIOS is set to try booting from the DVD drive first before the harddrive and restart the machine with the bootable disk in. If it does boot from the CD then it is a software problem making the drive not work in Windows. I imagine the laser has failed or is dirty though and the drive needs replacing.

r.g.nixon, Jan 1, 9:53am
Have you used a virtual drive program such as Daemon Tools to mount a file as an optical drive? I used a program similar to this and it stuffed up some registry entries while I later managed to delete to fix the problem.

brad6, Jan 1, 10:58pm
thanksyes actually I have used that exact did you go about deleting the entries? thanks heaps, fingers crossed this is the prob...

r.g.nixon, Jan 1, 11:09pm
Did you get errorcode 39? I can't remember my errorcode #, but I know the fix was removing all the UpperFilters and/or LowerFilters as per

biggal, Jan 1, 11:15pm
Pull out the drive from the front if u can and check that the rear connectors are seated in their sockets. Similarly
check the connectors at the m/bd end. U have probably done this already.

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