My background picture has gone!!

joystik, Jan 1, 9:27am
My background picture has gone!! I used to have the most beautiful pic, taken out my Lounge window, overlooking the sea at Oamaru, as my background. This morning it disappeared and now its just plain white with the icons on it. I cant get the other one back, although it is still there when I first start up, and then it flicks over to this yukky white one. How can I restore the original one????

richms, Jan 1, 9:40am
Part of windows genuine advantage will disable background wallpaper now, which I think is what you are seeing. But since you didnt say what operating system you have then who the hell knows.

joystik, Jan 1, 9:48am
Sorry, its windows XP.....

pc_nut, Jan 1, 10:17am
Was the image on a memory card or otherwise not on the hard drive. reinsert the drive and copy the image to my documents and right click on an empty part of the desktop click properties and on the background tab click the browse button and find your image in my documents

joystik, Jan 1, 10:18pm
Thanks..I will try that.

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