Asus ATI Radeon eah3650 Trouble

jessee100, Jan 1, 11:25am
Asus ATI Radeon eah3650 Trouble Hey guys and girls.

I have an Asus ATI Radeon EAH 3650.

When I shutdown my computer, and start it up again, the display settings are changed to 4 bit colours, and an error comes up saying "Cannot find graphic card information", And I am unable to change the display settings to anything other than 4 bit.

The only way I can fix this is by each time I turn on the PC, I have to reinstall the driver, then once it restarts, its fine until the next time I turn it off.....How do I fix this? I use Ultramon, could that be causing it?

TIA people.

jessee100, Jan 1, 11:33am
Hmmmmm I think all the computer experts are sleeping....

ruby2shoes, Jan 1, 11:37am
Complete uninstall + reinstall Worth a shot. I'm no expert tho :(

jessee100, Jan 1, 11:40am
I think I will try that....really hope it works, this is ridiculous not being able to restart for updates...I cant find the driver for it....all i hear is, i have been there sooo many times and i cant find it...

p.lingham, Jan 1, 11:51am
Go to here select your os and then select your card, and click on go, and you will be able to download your driver.

jessee100, Jan 1, 11:55am
I done that And downloaded the 3600 Series....But it didnt help....It came up with incorrect driver when I booted, this was a little while ago though...

p.lingham, Jan 1, 11:57am
Whats the os your running vista 32??

jessee100, Jan 1, 11:58am
Nope Windows XP SP3

p.lingham, Jan 1, 12:02pm
I would then redownload the catalyst software suite ver 8.12 run the install and reboot, its unusall for it to lose the driver like that, if that fails then a complete list of all hardware needed, and maybe a visit to a tech like me would help, is it a new card?

jessee100, Jan 1, 12:05pm
When i got it, it was brand new Maybe 6 months ago?

p.lingham, Jan 1, 12:07pm
Ok so for how long has it been doing this for, have you run a full chkdsk on ya harddrive

jessee100, Jan 1, 12:08pm
Hmmmm Been doing it for about 1 - 2 weeks, havent done chkdsk yet, il do that now...Downloading catalyst now.

p.lingham, Jan 1, 12:13pm
Kmake sure you select bit tick boxes when doing the hard disk scan if doing it in windows, so that it checks it at the next boot, or boot off ya XP cd and go into repair using recovery console, and when at command prompt type chkdsk C: as this has solved many a driver problem like yours.

p.lingham, Jan 1, 12:13pm
Select both not select bit, duh must need sleep i tinks lol

jessee100, Jan 1, 12:14pm
Ok sweet chkdsk came up with nothing....

p.lingham, Jan 1, 12:17pm
Off ta bed soon so will check back in morning to see how you got on, will try and rattle the old brain for anymore suggestions while sleeping, good luck and hope it works.

jessee100, Jan 1, 12:18pm
Haha Sweet cheers for that

p.lingham, Jan 2, 1:36am
Hiya jessee100 any update on how its going with this driver prob

osymandias, Jan 2, 2:46am
Before you get too carried awaymake sure you have the card correctly seated, if it has pcie power plug (which it probably won't given it's a budget card) make sure it's plugged in fully. Check all cabling etcIt's probably not the cause, but before you mess with the system, check the easy, physical problems first.

jessee100, Jan 3, 8:57am
Hey Sorry went away for a day.....Il try installing the catalyst now....If I dont get back to you, something must have gone wrong lol

lostdude, Jan 3, 9:04am
After hardware check, uninstall graphics drivers fully. CCleaner registry clean after, reboot. Reinstall .Net framework v.2 then CCC & graphics drivers.

jessee100, Jan 3, 9:06am
Sweet I installed catalyst, rebooted and it works fine. I think I will just build a new pc...Time for an upgrade again anyways =/

p.lingham, Jan 3, 10:07am
Glad to hear its sorted, thanks for the update :)

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