AVG beats Quad Core Q6600c

AVG beats Quad Core Q6600c Scanned today and for the FIRST time all cores maxed 100%. Good job AVG, even Crysis can't max 2 Cores (and it was Scanning Open Office). And yes its bloody loud and ****ing me off :( Suggestions for a Virus scanner that doesn't waste 4 2.4GHz cores? Cheers

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 2, 12:43 am

Avast That has always worked great for me...

geek_jessee100, Jan 2, 12:49 am

I second avast its good and free as well, and works well on all my puters

geek_p.lingham, Jan 2, 12:52 am

Try this.. click on AVG icon. click on computer scanner, at the left side of the page.. Then click on 'change scan settings' Then move slider to set it to slow scanThen click save current settings.. It should slow scans down so that you wont notice them running with your CPU...

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 12:55 am

I wouldnt have believed that AVG would top out a Quad core.. You sure you didnt have other apps running as well?

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 12:58 am

Avg is crap anyway has not been upto the job ever since it was sold, its only the paid for version that still upto resonable being able to do the job.

geek_p.lingham, Jan 2, 1:04 am

Re 4 I can run AVG on 'Fast' with Ad-Aware scanning and a disk De-fragment sweet + FF + lots of other stuff usually, maybe AVG isn't that great as I see lots of other people here saying 'Using Aviria/Malwarebytes'. It was running on Fast with Firefox + Vista (Memory hog, not CPU :P). Re 5. Does 1% of CPU from Firefox + 1% from Windows count? I might try the Aviria sometime when I get Uncapped again :(
Thanks. (How big is it BTW?)

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 2, 1:48 am

I find that most if not all top out the cpu when running a scan. Its odd as I know it cannot be using all that CPU but they tend to be maxed

geek_wholesaler, Jan 2, 1:55 am

Maxing out in task manager doesnt mean that the processor is doing stuff, just that its not available to do other things. If crappy software has its threads sitting in loops it will max out and still not be doing anything. So its not really a basis to say that its doing a lot.

geek_richms, Jan 2, 2:16 am

Task Manager, Processes, right click avg, set affinity.

geek_lostdude, Jan 2, 3:09 am

Been running the free AVG for several years The problem is that 2008 will be remembered as the "year of bloat" for many prg's & even the car manufactures have fallen in to the same situation.

geek_mrfxit, Jan 2, 7:30 am

Has to be something else, As AVG doesn't do that. Just ran a full test on my dual cpu dual core system and only one core running at 11%. http://free.avg.com/faq.num-1236#faq_1236. Oh and (p.lingham LOL what a dickhead thing to say

geek_swivel, Jan 2, 8:16 am

Agree totally with swivel I am running avg on an old AMD 2500+ and on the slow setting, Im still able to use I.E.7, O.E. etc.. I have used AVG for years, and yes, AVG is a little more resource hungry than that last version was, but Im more than happy with it.. Also running it on other PCs with no issues.. Maybe your PC just needs a good going over.. Clean any malware, stop any unecassary services running, or any unecassary programs from starting (msconfig) etc etc etcI dont think your issue will be with AVG.. My 2 cents worth..

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 8:50 am

Use Antivir It's always been good to me

geek_charles.j, Jan 2, 9:15 am

I've been using AntiVir for years on all systems. Complete protection with Luke Filewalker.

geek_deodar, Jan 2, 10:01 am

I use 'CPU usage' not Taskmanager. Cos CPU usage is more accurate. And task manager I mean is soooooo last year X[)

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 2, 10:37 am

If didn't use it all Then why did the fan have ADHD for a bit? I swear I thought my CPU/GPU was about to implode/explode LoL

geek_ruby2shoes, Jan 2, 10:38 am

Well swivel real world results are more important to me than your little opinion, and 100% of all the computers with avg, that come to me for virus removal, had updated avg and did not see the virus, install avast it see's and removes virus, so at least my opinion is based on facts, unlike yours below tosspott ( oh and (p.lingham LOL what a dickhead thing to say )

geek_p.lingham, Jan 2, 10:46 am

Gets some beer and chippies to watch the fun :)
Go AVG. Go swivel.

geek_hemi1, Jan 2, 10:52 am

Facts?? Been running a Computer shop for years. And I find AVG runs very well on all sorts of PC's (and have had pc's in for repair running avast etc) which AVG picked up virus's that the installed AV didn't. With your original statement saying it's crap, then saying it's OK, Makes you wonder. said it max'd all core's on their PC (Which it wouldn't) but didn't say it was a free or rego'd version. So your one eyed statement made me laugh.

geek_swivel, Jan 2, 11:05 am

Glad i dont ever need your help then, one eyed pot kettle black duh

geek_p.lingham, Jan 2, 11:06 am

Hemi1 LOL. oh and p.l I do test on a regular basis with other V progs. But the 2008 awards went to AVG. And the Most popular Virus Prog is ??? Yep AVG.

geek_swivel, Jan 2, 11:09 am

My op on avg isnt hard to understand if ya can get a brain cell'working, avg free has been dumbed down, and isnt as good as it was when creator owned it, and give a maybe ok for the paid version as I have not used it but other have and have said its ok. must need everything spelled out for ya swivel, i 's dotted t crossed and in simple engrish for u duh

geek_p.lingham, Jan 2, 11:10 am

Well g we can say the same for windows and give it awards for being the most used and simplest to use, certainly does not make it better duh

geek_p.lingham, Jan 2, 11:11 am

You have spelt it out now. So what you need to do is try it, and then comment on it.

geek_swivel, Jan 2, 11:15 am

P.lingham, i agree with swivel I think your comment at 6 was probably not one of your most intelligent comments..

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 11:45 am

Wow i am so hurt NOT, fp

geek_p.lingham, Jan 2, 1:36 pm

P.lingham it wasnt supposed to be a dig at you.. just an honsest opinion. Easy to run down stuff with out giving it any serious thought.. In reality, there are plenty that use AVG happily.. Just as there are plenty that probaly use avast happily.. Maybe Im just a bit thick.. Im not sure why people take stuff so personally.. Its just a message board.. Personally not much offends me.. Well at least I try not to let it. Lifes to short.. Hope I havent upset you P.lingham.. Next time maybe I'll just keep me mouth shut.. lol cheers bud.

geek_friendly_prawn, Jan 2, 2:26 pm

P.lingham not the most intelligent poster this year, nothing wrong with AVG, I think may have other issues as well..

geek_harrihorse, Jan 2, 6:02 pm