just proved my backup images work

pcmaster, Jan 1, 12:37pm
Just proved my backup images work had to actually use them lol, even if they are 4 months outta date, saves reinstalling lotsa crap & hunting down cds!! gunna update them when I've got everything set right lol

icioufa, Jan 1, 5:51pm
Makes life a hell of a lot simpler i do it to all my fresh installs once updates & application installs are tweaked & when repairing with a warning of the cost to the recipient if they mess with the image/folder with about a 15/20 minute reimiaging you cant beat it...

pcmaster, Jan 2, 1:54am
Yeah I'm realising just how many updates and things crop up within 4 months lol.

kiwibeat, Jan 2, 2:55am
Same here use Driveimage 2002 on XP easy as to reinstall

pcmaster, Jan 2, 3:35am
I use acronis true image ver 11. works well.

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