Urgent help needed with Bitcomet

skylinegtr_r34, Jan 1, 4:40pm
Urgent help needed with Bitcomet Ok so I downloaded a movie. Now i tried to play on Windows Media Player and it said i had to acquire media usage rights, so I clicked the download button and when finsihed downloading my Anti Virus came up with sirens and all saying Virus Detected Trojan horse. So I thought ok. Tried to play movie again, again said I had to get usage rights - which I already thought I downloaded so gave up. So I downloaded Mpcstar to play the movie and when I clicked play it just said open file failed! How do I get my movie to play? Im new to this. Thanks.

enigma_0003, Jan 1, 7:18pm
My guess would be that its not bitcomet is the actual "movie". The movie isnt a movie at all, its a virus disguested as a video file that gets you to instal its crap on your machine.

But then what do you expect download illegal movies

drcspy, Jan 1, 7:24pm
Lesson: learn to virus scan EVERTHING you download from not completely trusted sources (specially file sharing) ......and scan em BEFORE you do ANYthing else with em.....

art4ukiwi, Jan 1, 7:27pm
Maybe the movie is called "Revenge of the virus bug!"

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