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kiwiwendy, Jan 1, 6:33pm
New User My hubby and I have had separate computers but now we are downsizing to one. How or where do I find add a new user please?

kiwiwendy, Jan 1, 6:37pm
Oops we are running XP

kevin16, Jan 1, 6:45pm
Sorry kiwiwendy I'm having trouble with the concept,...doesn't this happen just before you start wearing matching clothes?.

kiwiwendy, Jan 1, 6:47pm
Hehehehe good one Kevin - found the answer....

kevin16, Jan 1, 6:57pm
Cool,. sorry for 'the lip', no offense meant, here everyone has their own computer(5), and we even have a 'visitor' unit,..

pacificsurfer51, Jan 1, 7:04pm
Control panel then User account This help you guys.

art4ukiwi, Jan 1, 7:29pm
LOL at matching clothes but his and hers tooth brushes.

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