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friendly_prawn, Jan 1, 8:22pm
Linux users that dont run antivirus software I ams till scratching my head at the amount of Linux users on this forum that state they dont run any anti-malware protection? There reasoning.. Windows malware wont affect Linux.. Huh? What about Linux malware? Quote "The number of malicious programs

fred68, Jan 1, 8:27pm
I use ClamAV but only on the boarder (proxy) not on each Linux machine at home..

little_egypt, Jan 1, 8:47pm
How do you get a virus? In Ubuntu new programs are added or removed via package management. Linux users don't, as a rule, search on google for software, or download new software from websites like ''. And the way linux treats email attachments is the same; if I get send a document or image it's relatively easy to open. If I get send an 'avi' file and it turns out to be a renamed 'wmv' file, Ubuntu will warn me of that. And if I get sent any sort of executable I really have to go out of my way to run it, I can't just click on it.
However I do agree that Linux users are generally too complacent. It would be entirely possible to write a binary-only spyware 'deb' package that installs some cool program not already in the ubuntu repos, along with a rootkit keylogger or some other sort of malware. Plenty of linux noobs would install it.

woogmo, Jan 1, 9:09pm
My reasoning: i don't want to and you've got no right to question what i do with my computer. But if you really want to worry about the security of my computers, I dont have antivirus or anti-anything-else software on any of my computers, linux OR windows

sirfer, Jan 1, 9:13pm
keep scratching OOOh!! So there were 2 linux malware in the wild and now it's DOUBLED to 4! Oh noes! The l33t h4XX0Rz have a hold of my machine! LOL...I'm with ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

sirfer, Jan 1, 9:19pm
and scaremongers like yourself should learn more about unix-based oses before you start ranting. Did you know the first malware was actually written for unix? Where is it now? Unix has a totally different way of working and has always assumed the user will be on a network and hence as security procedures built in (eg root access required to install etc) whereas with holey windows MS assumed that the internet would never take off...lord knows what they were thinking!

pixma, Jan 1, 9:20pm
"The number of malicious programs

kevin16, Jan 1, 9:20pm
Woogmo and sirfer bet you both use condoms though,..

pixma, Jan 1, 9:25pm
The main factor keeping Linux viruses at such a low-level is fact it make's up less than 1% of the market share. Linux might be more secure than Window's but if it ever gain's in usage world-wide, that is a minor formality.

pcfix4u, Jan 1, 9:31pm
As linux gets more popular of course there will be more attacks, virus infections and generally more security issues. It's the nature of the human race, some of which want to screw up your day get you bank account details and log in details, or use you system to fuucckk with other computers. I have set Linux up in a VM when I get some time I plan to try to get infected, that shouldn't be hard, I will just download from free music. porn and crack sites, I did this in a Virtual Machine running XP Pro and downloaded 3 cracks for software and one of them was the good old WIN2008ANTIVIRUS fake alert hiding in a winzip, as I unzipped it it installed in 4 secounds, disabled my Zonealarm and the Avir antivirus I was testings was going crazy warning me, but couldn't kill it. Heaps of fun those Virtual Machines.

swivel, Jan 1, 9:33pm
Well I guess as Linux gets more popular, it will be targeted more. I guess the biggest thing for them will be the (Linux doesn't get virus's) attitude that will bring them down.

pixma, Jan 1, 9:33pm
Winativirus2008??! Didn't you know that the 2009 version is now available ? free upgrade for existing customers lol!

pixma, Jan 1, 9:34pm
"I guess the biggest thing for them will be the (Linux doesn't get virus's) attitude that will bring them down" is very correct! arrogant is the word I think.

little_egypt, Jan 1, 9:35pm
The interesting thing though Many of the 'innovative' security changes in Windows Vista are things Linux has always had. Using a non-admin account for day to day work, privilege escalation for admin tasks, sandboxing (network-facing services typically run as a seperate user with minimal access). Also nobody's sitting back and waiting for malware on Linux to become a problem. Linux distros are already improving security by making better use of SElinux and policykit, etc.

pixma, Jan 1, 9:37pm
example above swivel^^

kevin16, Jan 1, 9:37pm
Also linux users are chopping and changing distros often, they wouldn't know if they were infected, or just passing it on,..

pcfix4u, Jan 1, 9:56pm
Cheers pixma Downloading 2009 now. NOT. LOL

cybertao, Jan 1, 10:00pm
The key difference between windows and unix. What version of windows are you running? 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, or Vista? Oh, they all share similar base code and some exploits effect them all. What distribution of linux am I running? What version of the kernel? What version of glibc(or am I using glibc, perhaps it's uclibc), what browsers do I have installed? It's not IE, like every Windows has installed and embedded in the OS. What email package? What? There just isn't the consistency for widespread malware. Finally, what user mode am I running? User of course! Not with administration privilages, like 90% of Windows users.

little_egypt, Jan 1, 10:07pm
@18 If only that were true. I predict you're running a debian-derived distro. Or at the very least, I can rely on finding Firefox, a bash-compatible shell, and the filesystem in a standard LSB layout. If I append some commands to /etc/init.d/rc.local for example, they will be run at bootup.

intrade, Jan 1, 10:11pm
There is 100s of linux virus and exploits. fact is the holes are closed and to check the holes are closed you use rkhunter and chkrootkit. it will tell you if you got ssh ports open or not and allLinux fix exploits within days if not houres. winblows gates fixes it within years or never at all. As when windows ports where all shut like on linux microcrap had not a single way to check if you have a legitemet winblows or notAnother reason why linux is interested to make things secure is there is no profit to be made from a sale of a so called more new better secured os. so they secure the old free version as the new one is just as free.....

intrade, Jan 1, 10:18pm
Also you people miss 1 factor linux runs on 2 levels on a txt mode and on a graphical mode linux txt mode is what every server runs on. and the market share for servers running unix linux is far higher then m$ servers in the worldso the answer its not as popular to attack is utter rubish. The fact is its to hard to find a hole in linux unix to make it worth wile to bother.. thats what it realy is about. And even if one would find a hole and write a virus 95% of servers on linux would be pached within days rendering the exploit usless. Microsoft has been told of exploits and they have never acted upon closing these, no money to be made to fix something they sold already.

little_egypt, Jan 1, 10:24pm
Timely security patches Like this one?
Only seven-and-a-half years to fix a remote-code exploit! Go Microsoft!
"Microsoft has known of this problem since 2001 and was not able to (or chose not to) fix it until now. This also means that working exploit code has been available for all Operating Systems including Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista and Windows 2008."

kevin16, Jan 1, 10:27pm
Linux servers do or do not run AV solutions on them?,..

cybertao, Jan 1, 10:34pm
How would you do that without administration rights? If you get those, the whole show is over. You are also assuming that's how my bootscript run levels work, you would have to put a script with execution permissions in /etc/init.d/rc.d and then dynamic links in the appropriate run level folders (rc?.d). I'm also NOT using a browser based on Mozzila. I'll concede the point most people run Ubuntu or other debian derived systems, and that's not great as more like systems are vulnerable to the same security flaw. But Debian is simply a code base, the final distro can be assembled however and with whatever the designer chooses.

friendly_prawn, Jan 1, 10:37pm
6 gee, sirfer, take a chill pill dude.. this is a forum, the name of the game is discussion. next you'll be asking me for a hankey.. chill out and enjoy the debate dude.. :-)

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