OCR software scanned pdfs to editable

ocean, Jan 1, 8:43pm
OCR software scanned pdfs to editable word or excel?
Anyone know any programmes that are cheap. Have tried some of freebies online but seem to just get images in word doc
Many thanks

wogadopolous, Jan 1, 8:47pm
Neither word nor excel are OCR You will need a specific software, often this comes with scanners, perhaps check your installation discs to see if this is the case? Otherwise, you'll need to read some reviews and stump up the cash.

kevin16, Jan 1, 8:49pm
Let us know if this works http://www.gatzet.com/freeware-pdf-editor.html

wogadopolous, Jan 1, 8:53pm
I'll keep that link Kevin, cheers But I don't think this will do the trick for , the PDF they have is from a scan, so is basically a photo. PDF editors need PDFs properly created from word docs to be able to extract & make the text editable.

kevin16, Jan 1, 8:55pm
Hmm k,. sorry coffee level a bit low,..lol,..how would you scan a pdf?

little_egypt, Jan 1, 8:59pm
Office Document Imaging has it When you scan a document into office drag your mouse over the scanned preview document and it will highlight the parts the OCR can recognise as if it were text. You can copy that and paste it somewhere else and it will be text. I'm not sure if you can import a PDF into it and OCR directly though, or if you need to print it and scan it back in.
Some PDFs already contain text and you can open them in a PDF editor. A lot of PDFs are just bitmap images in a pdf container and will need to be OCRd.

richard112, Jan 1, 10:20pm
If you google 'abbyy fine reader' you can download a free trial version that turns into a pumpkin after 15 days.

little_egypt, Jan 1, 10:30pm
If you want free ocr software There's gocr [http://jocr.sourceforge.net/] or tesseract [http://code.google.com/p/tesseract-ocr/] both available for Windows. They're command-line tools though and you have to convert the PDF to bitmap in an appropriate format first with something like imagemagick [http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php]

scuttle, Jan 1, 10:38pm
Hi just keep looking OCR free do you have a scanner yourself ???
My wife's book was printed a4 proofs I just scanned it to file (tiff or bitmap) and this program just converted to live txt through an editor. not sure about converting a pdf to jpj or bitmap though

little_egypt, Jan 1, 11:31pm
In ubuntuyou just use xsane (it comes preinstalled) and save as text. It doesn't work all that well though unless it's a fairly clean and simple page.

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