mailing a hard drive

panthangronth1, Jan 1, 9:55pm
Mailing a hard drive today I am mailing off my dead hard drive to seagate in Singapore. They are going to send me another one. I'm just wondering would it be ok to just wrap it in bubble wrap, or should I get one of those anti static bags? The hard drive is dead anyway and I have to pay for it to be mailed but I am wondering will they get all iffy if its not in an anti static bag??? I don't have one so would be a wee bit of a hassle to find/ buy one.

sakkara, Jan 1, 10:00pm
If its dead will it matter ?
just bubble wrap and get one of the small mail boxes from the post office but make sure you get it tracked so you have proof you shipped it

little_egypt, Jan 1, 10:00pm
Just about any computer place that does repairs or building new machines will have a bin full of unwanted anti-static bags and drive packaging.

panthangronth1, Jan 1, 10:01pm
Ok sweet as I will go to a computer shop and ask for them. If they charge me a dollar or two its ok.

gbbrot, Jan 2, 4:02am
Ali foil.. should be OK for anything that has no batteries. Don't think hard drives have batteries so should be OK.

d.snell, Jan 2, 4:17am
Even if it's Dead it has to be shipped correctly otherwise they will not replace it under warranty. They give you full details on their rma site about their minimum packaging requirements.

d.snell, Jan 2, 4:21am
See Here

time3, Jan 2, 4:57am
Hey man its that worth it to send alway your hdd. how much it cost for postage

zaowl, Jan 2, 9:14am
Agree with D.Snell Once upon a time some 10 years ago I returned, in person, a faulty hard drive in a static bag to the BDT RMA Dept back when they were Melco. They had a small fit at me because I hadn't returned it (even in person) in its original packaging. Stupid I know. I learnt from that you ALWAYS send a hard drive in a static bag, bubblewrap and a very well packaged box whether you are returning in person or sending via post/courier. Most computer repairers have static bags coming out their ears and should give you a bag for free. Then find an appropriately small box and pack it securely. HTH

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