Formatting External HDD

Formatting External HDD I started a format of my external HDD last night to NTFS at about 11pm and today awoke to find it had done a whopping 1%. Is this working correctly? The drive is a WD 750Gb SATA. It already had data on it before i started formatting, but i didn't mind if i lost it.

geek_monkeyfulla2, Jan 2, 11:35 am

If your doing a quick format then i think its prob crashed !
is it usb1 usb2 or firewire?

geek_sakkara, Jan 2, 11:45 am

Why format? can't you just use the "convert" command?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 12:16 pm

The computer probably went to sleep. Of course 1% of a 750Gb drive is almost a whole 8GB drive or 10% of an 80G drive (gees I'm smart). I can belive it might get that far and then nod off to sleep. Especially if it's a laptop.

geek_bit, Jan 2, 2:29 pm

I stopped the format ;( it wasn't moving after something like 20 hours. I have now managed to delete almost everything off it so i can try to fix errors easier. R.I.P 750gb

geek_monkeyfulla2, Jan 2, 7:23 pm

What said lol

geek_pcmaster, Jan 2, 7:25 pm