Moving my mail to my new Laptop?

joystik, Jan 1, 10:20pm
Moving my mail to my new Laptop? How can I do this and keep all my contacts etc?? Can I put it all onto a flash drive and the move it all over to the new one? Any likewise with other programmes I want? Like my antivirus? I like the one on my old laptop better than the pre installed one on the new laptop.

sakkara, Jan 1, 10:28pm
Are you using outlook express ? or another mail program?
your programs you will have to re install from their original disks

rz_zone, Jan 1, 10:32pm for antivirus. :)

joystik, Jan 1, 11:06pm
I am using Incredimail..and Kaspersky anti virus, which I like better than the Onecare thing....

sakkara, Jan 1, 11:16pm
NEVER used it but it must have an option to "export"

chinju, Jan 1, 11:17pm
How you gone to the Incredimail Help Centre and searched export contacts, emails etc? It's all there in FAQs.

pheonix, Jan 1, 11:22pm
Info here, with pictures even..

joystik, Jan 1, 11:33pm
Thanks everyone......that should keep me amused for the afternoon aye...

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