a simple explanation for a simple mind please!

dabo, Jan 1, 10:24pm
A simple explanation for a simple mind please!
I have blackberry capability on my phone. I use it to get my emails out of the office. That is all good ;-) On my vodafone plan I see I pay for Blackberry Internet service 10 megabytes / mth.
What I am unsure of is what that 'translates' to in actual terms of looking something up online, downloading a document etc. Some of my friends look up schedules etc online but I haven't done so yet i) cos I don't know how and ii) I don't know how many meagabytes info I have 'in hand' so to speakso my new year resolution is to sort this out .. with your help perhaps???? TIA

biggal, Jan 2, 1:34am
From one simple mind to another Can't offer you much dabo - just this.
I thought that Blackberry was used
for just emails on the i/net but from what u say it is used for uploading and downloading data too. If so, 10 Mbytes per month doesn't sound very much at all. As a comparison, my plan gives me 10 Gigabytes/month and other people use much more. When I was down loading the Olympics, I exceeded
my allowance early in the paticular month. Hope this helps

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 1:45am
If you're checking mail then presumably you already know how much that data uses/month, either by using the data usage feature on your phone or perhaps by looking at your bill (an email without an attachment is generally under 10KB). As for a general answer: http://tinyurl.com/9csbum

deodar, Jan 2, 3:20am
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