Multiple IM programs

bgiwi, Jan 1, 10:53pm
Multiple IM programs Hi - can anyone tell me the name of the program you can use to run more than one IM service at a time. I used to have it but deleted it. You could run both MSN and yahoo (and others) off the same program instead of having multiple ones open.

rhys.m, Jan 1, 10:55pm
Theres a few different ones but my personal suggestion would be Pidgin

pheonix, Jan 1, 11:04pm
There's also Trillian

little_egypt, Jan 1, 11:17pm
There's also Mirinda []

bgiwi, Jan 1, 11:21pm
Thank you all for your help - Trillian was the one I was trying to remember.

0800xford, Jan 1, 11:55pm
miranda is nice, some 'portable apps' versions available too [ ]

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