Linux Red Hat Or Ubuntu?

hialea, Jan 1, 10:44pm
Linux...Red Hat Or Ubuntu? I have a imac g4 that is running osx 10.4.11 and im going to use vmware so i can run two os's.I want to try out Linux and see what it is likeso which one is better Red hat or ubuntu? thanks

seriouslycgi, Jan 1, 10:52pm
Fedora core, the free version of desktop redhat, is better in my opinion.

little_egypt, Jan 1, 11:12pm
Mint is nice both ubuntu and mint are really easy to install and use. Mint is based on Ubuntu but defaults to a more windows-like desktop. haven't tried fedora so I can't really comment on it.

hialea, Jan 1, 11:45pm
Thanks little egypt I Think i might go with ubuntu.Now I know i can get ubuntu for free from their website but it will take 6-10 weeks to get here so i might just buy it for 6 bucks here on trademe.

rhys.m, Jan 1, 11:48pm
Http:// You can download it from the NZ mirror for free, assuming your not on dialup. Even then just leave it downloading over night and you'll get it eventually.

0800xford, Jan 1, 11:49pm
you download it [ ]

0800xford, Jan 1, 11:49pm
SNAP! =p

rhys.m, Jan 1, 11:50pm
Personal jinx, can't talk till I say your name :P

0800xford, Jan 1, 11:51pm
mmmmmMMMmmm ha ha ha

hialea, Jan 1, 11:56pm
No i cant download it my internet speed is it would take like 7 hours...

d_family, Jan 1, 11:57pm
Let it go overnight or talk to a computer shop or something. Or a friend???

hialea, Jan 1, 11:58pm
Does anyone Know what Vixta is like?? it looks really cool does anyone know what it is like

d_family, Jan 2, 12:01am
Here you go

0800xford, Jan 2, 12:02am
looks a bit like gOS [ ] hideous [Xx.]

seriouslycgi, Jan 2, 12:30am
Vixta is a vista clone but way cooler

seriouslycgi, Jan 2, 12:32am
Vixta is kde gos is e17.

seriouslycgi, Jan 2, 12:35am
I wonder if they got pressure to change their name (vixta) its now

hialea, Jan 2, 2:37am
So now its a toss up between Vixta and Ubumtu which one now lol

seriouslycgi, Jan 2, 11:00am
I think vixta is based on ubuntu? ill check

seriouslycgi, Jan 2, 11:01am
Lol i recommend vixta its based on fedora lol

sirfer, Jan 2, 9:35pm
Being a Debian fanboi I would say Ubuntu, but IMO it's probably much of a muchness, i.e. won't make much difference. I have tried fedora before and apart from taking ages to install (fedora9) it went pretty well. Also IMO you won't know until you try, so try both and let us know what you think :o)

btoogood, Jan 3, 10:12am
Fedora 10 is out and is really simple to use, there is even a live cd version, download the dvd version i recomend

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