Best cheap/free voice recognition software

papariccardo, Jan 1, 11:35pm
Best cheap/free voice recognition software My 9yo wants to write a book, but finds it hard to get the thoughts to paper or keyboard. His Nonna is an author, who has recommended he use VR software. Anyone able to help? Thanks! :)

nzmu, Jan 1, 11:53pm
Have Vista? It's already included.

papariccardo, Jan 2, 12:01am
Umm, nope. Bugger! Maybe time to upgrade, I'm on XP Home on the sons PC. Thanks for the answer.

0800xford, Jan 2, 12:05am
Did you google? [ ]

papariccardo, Jan 2, 12:09am
Not as well as you did, Oxford! Thanks so much, I'm reading that link now. Woot!

0800xford, Jan 2, 12:10am
that's just the microsoft stuff, there are third party apps too.

papariccardo, Jan 2, 5:00am
Im all ears (& thumbs) - all links you wish to up, I'll check. Happy new year, Oxford

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