Looking at buying a laptop

d_family, Jan 1, 11:34pm
Looking at buying a laptop what are your comments on this?

baker-assoc, Jan 1, 11:44pm
For the Price your paying Its quite a good laptop

With a 256mb graphics card it will play a few games.

3gb Ram good, Cpu is a nice speed dual core.

You cant expect much higher for $700

0800xford, Jan 1, 11:46pm
unless i'm mistaken that model has quite a few problems [so i've heard] the hdd has already been replaced in that one...

sakkara, Jan 1, 11:47pm
195754970 lol

dino7, Jan 1, 11:55pm
Re4 overpriced who would buy that:P

shrapz, Jan 1, 11:55pm
That is a good price for that laptop

sakkara, Jan 1, 11:57pm
195694326 try this half the price

d_family, Jan 1, 11:59pm
Its damaged.

dino7, Jan 2, 12:38am
And from a dodgy trader!

sakkara, Jan 2, 1:58am

osymandias, Jan 2, 2:18am
I'd be very ifffy about buying laptops with G8* cores for gpus. nVidia has admitted to a widespread manufacturing fault. I'd stay away whether it's a macbook pro, dell or whatever. As they come out of manufacturers guarantee you will have to fight for recompense with nVidia, good luck with thatWhile they did set aside few hundred million for costs related to this CF, it's pretty hard for individuals to get them to pony up.

osymandias, Jan 2, 2:24am
Linkies: http://tinyurl.com/6bdwuj http://tinyurl.com/9mt7rz

osymandias, Jan 2, 2:34am
Sorry for chain post.. but while digging up those articles, I came across this. http://tinyurl.com/8qsrbc I must say I'm glad I don't hang on to GPUs for more then a year; time to dump your 8800s on trademe before they poop themselves. - OK not really relevant to the thread, but I think interesting nevertheless.

dino7, Jan 2, 2:54am
Yeah so go for a laptop with a mighty Radeon IGP 345.......not like sakkara's:P

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