Weird graphics card problem??

b.j.nichols, Jan 2, 12:24am
Weird graphics card problem?? HP system running XP with 256mb PCI-E graphics card (onboard not being used). System has run great for two years then suddenly refused to boot. I swapped the graphics card with a new one and all good again. Test the old graphics card in another system and it works great (has been for several days). Put the original graphics card back into the HP system and still no boot. Why would this happen? obviously nothing wrong with the graphics card and the HP runs great with the new card?? Weird??

bit, Jan 2, 1:23am
Can you get it into the BIOS? Because if the machine does power on and output text to the screen that would suggest that it is a software problem. In that case I would substitute another harddrive in there as a temporary measure and do a windows install on it and see how it goes. If you do that make sure to unplug your usual harddrive in case you muck it up by doing the install onto the wrong drive.

b.j.nichols, Jan 2, 3:52am
No it wont boot at all.nothing, nada, zelch so it must be a hardware problem.

swivel, Jan 2, 4:24am
You didn't do a Bios update did you. It may have changed the pci-e from V1 to V2, and your card maybe the V1 model. (Just an Idea).

lostdude, Jan 2, 10:44am
PCIe v2 is backwards compatible. Had a similar problem with an AGP card. Problem was the new monitor wasn't picking up a signal from the card, swapped back to old monitor & it worked as it always did. Tried new monitor with 3 other systems & they worked flawlessly. Tried a dvi-vga adapter & still nothing so there must be some kind of a weird design flaw somewhere between the graphics & monitor manufacturers. :?

cybertao, Jan 2, 10:51am
Is the new graphics card require more or less power? Perhaps it's a PSU issue.

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