Microsoft 2007 graphics

denise105, Jan 2, 1:19am
Microsoft 2007 graphics Does anyone know where I can download quality graphics of icons, screen shots etc for a training manual I am writing for publication? TIA

jmpcwiz, Jan 2, 1:21am
You could always take the screenshots yourself?

denise105, Jan 2, 1:24am
Yes have done that but not as clear as I would like them and I have to crop etc which takes time

kgbee, Jan 2, 1:52am
Could you not justrun the relevant page of the program, and do a "PrtSc" (Print Screen). Then just "Paste" that image into your document as you need it.
It could be worthwhile contacting MS themselves, as they may be helpful.

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 1:57am
You should be able to avoid cropping by using vista's "clipping" tool (there must be equivalents out there for XP). And if it's for publication, I would definitely contact Microsoft. I use screenshots all the time for internal manuals/training stuff, and the quality of a screenshot is sufficient.

jmpcwiz, Jan 2, 2:20am
Possibly to increase your quality is up the resolution of your screen. Eg, instead of 800x600 put it on 1024x768 or next one up.

jmpcwiz, Jan 2, 2:23am
From an old post Get a free program
for Windows, called MWSnap (just google search for MWSnap, and download it.) You can select 'Snap Any Rectangle Area', and the app will disappear, and your cursor becomes crosshairs. Click top left of the desired area on your screen, then click bottom right of area, and MWSnap returns with your image, which can be saved in a variety of formats. From kayjaycee

denise105, Jan 2, 2:58am
You are a legend jmpcwiz!!! What a great little program. Thank you so much for finding that info for me. Very much appreciated. All the best for the New Year. Kind regards Denise

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