MP3 down load site help please

ruaphu, Jan 2, 2:29am
MP3 down load site help please not very tech savy, so any help would be great. Want to know of a suitable site (i.e. user friendly) to down load music legally (i.e. itunes) for MP3 players. Not interested in file sharing sites or anything illegal, would rather support artists than rip them off!
We have a couple of units (samsung)that are MP3 format. Itunes does not work but has a good format, pay as you go, easy to use, does not cause PC grief etc.
any help would be great, Thanks in advance

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 2:30am
What do you mean, itunes doesn't work? ?

ruaphu, Jan 2, 3:01am
Re Can't get music out of itunes onto any MP3 player (suppose Ipod is the only supported format?) Also cannot transfer music from itunes to our current MP3 software. Also would also be great if we could rip discs for leaving in the cars(they have MP3 compatible players)
itunes works great on PC, but want portability. Thanks

dunedin_ree, Jan 2, 3:11am
You could use it as long as you ONLY ever buy 'iTunes Plus" drm-free music from the itunes store, which you would then have to change to MP3s (there's a feature in iTunes that does this, you have to set your encoding settings to MP3 first, then just right-click on the song and create the MP3 version). You'd also rip CDs in iTunes into MP3s, which they would do after you change the rip settings to MP3. Next issue - you could use iTunes to buy/manage music, but not to put them on your MP3 player, the music files are actually stored in "My Music" so you could drag n drop from there, or set Windows Media player to "watch" your iTunes folder. You could also try for MP3s, although I haven't used it.

pig-gal, Jan 2, 3:18am
You could I find this works well & is pay as you go.

ruaphu, Jan 2, 3:25am
Dunedin Ree Thanks for the advice, we shall go have a change of set up etc as per your advice.

ladeda, Jan 2, 3:37am
To make MP3 CD's for your car stereo Just make a "data disc", as if you were doing a backup, and put as many songs on as possible. You can keep them in their folders so you can skip to that album in the car, but in shuffle it will still play from all the folders.

ladeda, Jan 2, 3:40am
I may have mis-read.Rip discs for the car? Do you mean burn discs for a car stereo that plays MP3 discs? (Answer above) Or did you mean rip discs onto your computer (use Windows Media Player) so that you can them put them on your MP3 player?

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