HOW MUCH RAM???? I was wanting to get more ram, can you have too much, ie an overkill, I have 1gb with 3ghz now. How much more would be worth getting?

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 3:56 pm

Depends on what your system needs really and what it uses......a 32bit version of windoze can only use just over much ram does yoru system USE now and what use will you have for more.......on this system for example I have xp home ed and 1.5gb ram and it's currenlty got 1gb vista system has 1.5gb ram and uses about 60% of it to run the system and a/v firewall/other apps on boot up......

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 4:01 pm

Depends on what you do do you run xp, vista or linux? if using xp but just doing normal daily tasks (not video editing etc)1 gb is easily enough. RAM is cheap so get another 1gb, 2gb total will be fine unless you have a top of the line system and use its potential.

geek_dino7, Jan 2, 4:07 pm

Ok so I have a 32bit version so another 2 should be ok? The speed is ok but a bit sluggish when coping over large files from a external hard drive, would this help having more ram?

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 4:08 pm

BTW yeah I run xp sp3 .

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 4:09 pm

More ram wont hurt.........but I doubt it'll speed up the copying of *might* but that's possibly more an issue caused by you using presumeably a usb connected external up task manager and clik processes tab and see what's using ram also clik performance tab and see how much ram you have free.....

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 4:13 pm

Re4 file transfer ........check your RAM usage during this, you will prob find its not a lack of RAM, IDE or SATA? if IDE got the Optical drive on the same cable as the HDD?

geek_dino7, Jan 2, 4:13 pm

Ok i sound like a parrot over to drcspy:)

geek_dino7, Jan 2, 4:15 pm

Ok I think I have this right, physical memory, total 1047916, available, 6355400, there abouts, and system cache, 729668, there abouts, (keeps changing) is this what you meant? processes, CPU usage 0 - 2% and yip it is sata and yip ex HD via usb,

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 4:20 pm

Ok above is without copying over anything now I try copying and see what happens

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 4:21 pm

Ok I see how it works now i just copied an avi movie, and it fluctuated between 12 - 38% cpu so would adding more ram really make a difference?

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 4:26 pm

Look at the RAM usage during the transfer not the CPU fast are you expecting transfer rates for usb2 to sata, usb2 and sata have maximums but 3 moons need to be aligned to actually get these:)

geek_dino7, Jan 2, 4:35 pm

Anyway i gotta transfer my ass into my car and transfer the car to a takeaway 30 mins away and then back so i don't have to cook today.......check out usb2 and sata transfer rates and compare with what you get.

geek_dino7, Jan 2, 4:38 pm

Yeah perhaps I am just a speed freak It didn't take long really it's just that daughters BF was copying some off mine onto his computer and man talk about speed, I'll do it over again and see what happens with the ram

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 4:38 pm

Yip it's confirmed it is me just been a speed freak, it hardly changed and it took less than a min to copy a whole avi movie

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 4:41 pm

shows you having 65% of your ram FREE .

geek_drcspy, Jan 2, 5:13 pm

Thanks drcspy I am learning something new all the time :)

geek_browsing, Jan 2, 5:18 pm